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Hello Kitty colour stickers

With My Nametags new colour stickers, there is no need to either iron- on or sew on the name tags. You can just apply a sticker to the clothing washing label, and it will stay on in the wash again and again. What was once a chore is now a quick and easy job. Our Colour Stickers can also be stuck onto shoes, bags, DVDs, iPods and other equipment. They are dishwasher, microwave and steriliser proof.

Hello Kitty iron-ons

The iron-on name tags are perfect for labelling socks and other clothing where there are no care labels. My Nametags iron-on labels are guaranteed to stay on in the wash for 10 years. You can put them on school uniform and other clothes, and they will stay on wash after wash. The labels can be ironed onto any textiles in just a few seconds.


Hello Kitty fan facts:

  • Real name: Kitty White
  • Birthday: November 1st
  • Birthplace: suburbs of London
  • Height: Around 5 apples
  • Weight: Around 3 apples
  • Hobbies: Baking cookies; making pancakes; origami; foreign cultures; playing the piano; tennis; collecting little stars, ribbons and other cute things.
  • Favourite foods: Mama’s homemade Apple Pie
  • Favourite colour: Red
  • Specific marks: a red ribbon on her left ear

Hello Kitty super-fan facts:

  • Blood type: A
  • Siblings: One sister, Mimmy, who looks a lot like her. In fact, Mimmy not only is Hello Kitty’s twin sister, but she also likes wearing a yellow ribbon on her right ear. We might say they are symmetrical.
  • Pets: A cat named Charmmy Kitty and a hamster named Sugar. The cat was a present given by her dad George, whereas the hamster was a gift from her childhood friend Dear Daniel.
  • Friends: Plenty, since one of her favourite activities is making new friends.
  • Popular Quotes: “You can never have too many friends” We totally agree on this point, therefore we thought it would be nice to also be friends on Facebook


Hello Kitty colour labels

Our new Hello Kitty labels are the same material as our colour sticker nametags and colour iron-on nametags. So, for information on how to start using your labels please see our Instructions for Use page.

Find yours now:

You’re mysterious. Brave, a daring and adventurous personality, you radiate a great deal of energy and warmth to others. You have an artistic soul and enjoy all things creative. Oh and did I mention the colour red, you love the colour red!

You’re pensive. Cool, calm and collected, you shine in situations that require a keen and meticulous attitude.

You’re eccentric. Stylish and outgoing, you deserve the attention you get. Everyone thinks you’re the bee’s knees! But you’re too cool to admit it...

You’re playful. Pink is your colour and you’re pretty perfect!

You’re talented. Bright and optimistic, there’s nothing you can’t do. You’re the best at everything and all your friends wish they were as skilled as you.

You’re romantic. Sensitive and sympathetic, you prefer the night over the day because you love counting the stars.

You’re sociable. Easy to talk to and always up for a chuckle, you’re the centre of attention and everyone wants you at their birthday party.

You’re energetic. An explorer with a thirst for all things exciting! Curious is your middle name, you’re always on the lookout for brand-new discoveries and can see the beauty in every day.

You’re loving. You have a gentle streak and are quick to show affection. Your friends value your faithfulness and honesty and would be simply lost without you.

You’re neat. Your mind set is harmonious, your choices are always tasteful. You wouldn’t dream of mixing stripes with dots and your imagination is as elegant as your style.

You’re humble. A lover of the outdoors - especially in the relaxing emptiness of a deep blue evening sky. You have a great common sense and your eyes are always wide open to reality.

You’re determined. You live life to the max and are not afraid to show your true colours. Self-assured and ready for everything, you say what you feel and do what you want.

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