Making things yourself is a joy - especially when the handcrafted creation becomes a gift for your loved ones.

Doing arts & crafts


Arts and Crafts are a great way to get creative and learn new skills for both young and old alike. If you’ve ever experienced the joy of opening a lovingly made item, you’ll know how much a homemade gift can mean to someone and children especially love to give and receive handcrafted pieces. Whether you enjoy knitting new clothing for your grandchildren or helping them create a collage of items you’ve gathered on a nature walk there are plenty of creative ideas for the whole family. Take a look at the Netmums website for a wealth of arts and crafts activities to do with children.

You don’t just have to do arts and crafts at home either. Drawing and knitting are just two activities which are great to do at friend’s houses, at the park, at school, or on a day out. However, taking your arts and crafts supplies with you when you leave the house can mean you run the risk of losing or misplacing them. Being able to label items with your or your child’s name and your contact details increases the chances of things making their way back to you if they go missing.

My Nametags – the ideal solution for arts and crafts supplies

The My Nametags range of labels are ideal for all arts and crafts projects, whether you want to label items such as pens and pencil cases or attach a label to a lovingly knitted jumper, scarf, or hat. There are thousands of designs and backgrounds in the range, including for our Colour Sticker Nametags and Colour Iron-on Name Labels, and they can be applied in seconds to any number of items. The Colour Sticker Nametags can be stuck to clothing care labels or hard surfaces so they’re perfect for labelling drawings, pencil cases, pen pots, paint brushes and other craft equipment.

My Nametags – the perfect labels for handcrafted products

The Colour Iron-on Name Labels are designed to be ironed straight on to the fabric of a garment, so they’re ideal for attaching labels to homemade clothes, blankets, and other accessories (excluding hand-knitted items). With room for three lines of text and a fun selection of design, fonts, and backgrounds you can have bespoke labels that really suit your arts and crafts project. Unlike traditional sew-on labels, there’s even room for your mobile number so items can be easily returned if they’re lost at school, the park, the library, or anywhere else they could be misplaced.

Designing your label is a simple process, which is fantastic if your children want to get involved and make their own labels for arts and crafts projects. The range of designs also means that you can match or contrast the colours to the colour of your item, so you could even use it as a decorative feature on your handcrafted gifts. Whether you need a label that says “Homemade by Grandma” or “Designed by Sarah” My Nametags has the label to suit you.

Our customers say...
"Great colours and picture choices. My 2 girls designed their own which they loved doing. I have purchased these nametags before, they are applied in seconds and have remained in place after lots of washing."
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