Adam’s Epic Adventure – A Rainy day in Sydney.

Hey, you may remember last week when the good folks at My Nametags sent me off on a journey of a lifetime! I travelled on my first flight, swam in a lake and even climbed a mountain! Yes a mountain!! You saw me at the top looking pretty chuffed, but boy that was one hard climb down… My knees were so sore, so I decided I needed to get out of the mountains and head somewhere a little flatter… Sydney! That was my new destination…


I hopped on a Ferry that was so big I couldn’t believe my eyes! When we approached the harbour I saw some big white triangles, people were taking photos of it so I’m guessing it was something important. It reminded me of being back at the My Nametags office and seeing all the dinner plates neatly stacked up in the dishwasher.

opera house

All of a sudden, huge amounts of water fell from the clouds! It was so wet and I didn’t bring my coat to Sydney because somebody told me it was supposed to be boiling! So I reached for the nearest thing which resembled a poncho for my final selfie in front of the triangles.


I think I wear it pretty well, so here’s one more selfie before I move on to the next destination. Remember to keep checking my progress on Facebook.

Adam’s over and out, until next week human friends…


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