My Nametags’ labels come in a fantastic range of designs and are great for personalising all of your gym sportswear and equipment.



Going to the gym and keeping fit is a great way to look after both your physical and mental health. Roughly 4.5 million people in the UK have a gym membership, which adds up to a lot of sports socks and running trainers being purchased every year! Whether you’re a fan of the free weights, love a hard core spin class, or consider yourself a yoga bunny there is plenty on offer at gyms, leisure centres, and health clubs around the UK. As well as keeping you fit, going to the gym is also a great way to meet new people and make friends with someone who has a similar interest. Exercising in a pair or with a group is a wonderful way to stay motivated on days when you’d rather stay at home in front of the TV. Buying kit that makes you look good, feel great and keeps you cool during a tough workout is another great way to stay motivated.

My Nametags – the ideal solution for misplaced gym kit


Having the right kit can make or break your workout. We’ve all felt the pain of wearing socks that just keep slipping or a tricky to open water bottle that means you have to stop your workout every time you want a drink. Finding the clothes and equipment that works for you can make a big difference to your time at the gym and the last thing you need is to misplace an item. My Nametags have a great range of labels that are designed to be stuck or ironed on to clothing and hard surfaces to ensure that your kit makes it back to you if you are unlucky enough to forget it when you leave the gym. In fact, both socks and trainers feature on the top 20 items that are most commonly lost which is all the more reason to spend a few minutes labelling your gym gear before you head off for a workout.

Choose from Colour Sticker Nametags or Colour Iron On Labels to ensure that all of your kit, from your trainers to your water bottle, has your name on it and can be easily returned to you if you leave it behind. The Colour Sticker Nametags are designed to be quickly and easily stuck on to hard surfaces or clothing labels making them a great choice for all of your gym gear. The Colour Sticker Nametags are especially useful for trainers as they’re robust and rub resistant, so your details won’t come off no matter how many miles you pound on the treadmill! Alternatively, you could use our Colour iron-on Name Labels for items of clothing or other gym essentials such as towels and these are designed to be ironed straight onto the fabric. Our iron-on labels are also designed to be durable and long lasting, coming with a 10 year guarantee. Both labels have room for three lines of text, making it easy to add your name and mobile number to increase the chances of lost items finding their way back to you.

Our customers say...
"Great colours and picture choices. My 2 girls designed their own which they loved doing. I have purchased these nametags before, they are applied in seconds and have remained in place after lots of washing."
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