Iron-on name tags on a pinafore dress

Perfect for clothing without care labels.

Colour iron-on name tags

My Nametags is the only company that provides full colour iron-on name tags with millions of choices of designs, backgrounds, fonts and font designs for labelling children's clothing. The name tags are guaranteed not to fall off in the washing machine and we have more than 1 million happy name tags customers.

Quick and easy to use

The labels are easy to iron onto clothing, taking only 8 seconds with a hot iron. Once the labels are ironed on, they will stay on the clothing permanently. No one can take your child's clothing or mistake it for their own. With a mobile number on the label, the clothing is almost certain to be returned to you.


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Illustration of socks on drying line

The perfect sock labels - easy to iron on and the colour makes it very easy to sort socks.

Colour Iron-On Name Tags stay on clothes

My Nametags Colour Iron-On nametags can be ironed into any garment that can be ironed with a hot iron. It only takes eight seconds to iron the name tags onto the garment, and we guarantee that it will stay on for years. The iron-on labels can be ironed on a care label or directly on the fabric.

Identify clothes with colour name tags

My Nametags unique colour combinations makes it easy to sort socks and other clothing. If each child has a different coloured label, it speeds up the time spent sorting through the laundry pile.

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