Adam’s Epic Adventure – The Great Escape!

This time last week I had a close call when I was attacked by a wild dog! Luckily I managed to wriggle to safety and escape the dog’s slobbery mouth. As I heard him panting behind me, I hastily climbed up a rock and ran as fast as I could to safety.


I got higher up the edge of the cliff looking back anxiously at regular intervals and praying that I had lost the black beast!


Eventually the coast seemed to be clear. So I decided to rest for a moment in this big cave. As my breathing caught up with me, I listened intensely for footsteps…


I cupped my ear and angled it carefully into the distance. The blustery wind howled eerily and drowned out the noise of any looming danger. I sighed with relief during the occasional intervals of silence as the wind retreated. I felt reassured that the threat of any lurking monsters had diminished.


After some hesitation I plucked up the courage to leave the safety of the cave. I knew that in order to survive the night I needed to find somewhere less windy on the other side of the cliff.


I took a minute to nurse my wounds on a nearby rock. Look at those bumps and bruises!


Traipsing through woodland I stumbled across a wishing tree. Having not had much luck recently, I considered it a good idea to take a moment to perk on the branch and make a wish. I can’t tell you what I wished for I’m afraid because then it won’t come true, but you’ll find out, sooner or later…


At last, I had made it to the other side of the cliff, where the weather was calmer, the sun shone brighter and the safety of shelter awaited. I had experienced a pretty hectic couple of days but it was a blessed relief to be able to finally gather some firewood and settle down for the night.

They say that travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller, I’m starting to see the truth in that…




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