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Decrease lost items,
increase school funds

Personalised school name labels help save teachers' time - no more chasing after lost property. This also helps children and parents distinguish what is their own from what belongs to the other children in the same class. Identifying your children's items will reduce lost property. If you are a parent preparing for your child going to nursery or school, visit our labels for school page where we explain why you need school name labels and which labels fit your child's needs.


Step 1

To request a unique school ID, please email the name and full address of your school to us at

Step 2

We will email you your school ID along with instructions on how to fundraise and provide resources you can use.

Step 3

When you have signed-up, you need to promote the school ID with the parents and ensure they add the school ID at checkout.

Step 4

Once a year we calculate the total funds raised with My Nametags and post a cheque to the school.

encourage parents to use my nametags labels!

My Nametags Labels are great for everyone involved:

  • For Children: They get to create fun labels.

  • For Parents: No lost items and save money.

  • For Teachers: Less headache for you!

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What teacher's say

I'm pleased to report that our experience with the customer service was exceptional. From start to finish, we received kind and helpful support.


L Chang

Head master

The fundraiser was a great success! Quality products and happy parents & students helped us raise funds for the PTA, which we received on time.


H Patel

Preschool teacher

We love to help our parents by suggesting great products. My Nametags was a big hit and helped us raise a lot of funds for our little ones!


J Peterson

Primary school teacher

Fundraising resources

Resources for planning, promoting and important details on fundraising


You will find all the details related to our fundraising scheme here.

Download Here


Put the posters up on the bulletin or notice boards in the school.

Download Here


Please contact us if you require printed versions for free.

Download Here
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Promoting your school ID

To raise money for your school or nursery throught the fundraising scheme it is important to promote your unique school ID. Only when the school ID is used at checkout the school will be credited with the 24% of the order total.

We recommend you share your school ID in different ways such as:
• Add the school ID to the school email newsletters
• Distribute leaflets (you can print these yourself or email us to receive leaflets to your school at no cost)
• Link it on the school website (when we share the school ID we also sent you a link that will take you to our site with the school ID already added so the parents simply need to click, create their labels and checkout.

Fundraising for Parent Teacher Associations

The My Nametags fundraising scheme is open for schools and parent teacher associations. Simply sign-up and promote the scheme to parents and start generating funds for the school PTA.

By promoting My Nametags labels in school or nursery, the organisation or PTA can raise funds, whilst promoting good practice to parents. Fundraising can be a great way for a parent teacher associations to get more funds for activities or school improvements.

My Nametags is verified by Parentkind

We are delighted to have been recognised by Parentkind as an Approved Supplier. Parentkind is the UK's leading PTA membership organisation. We are honoured to have received their seal of approval for both our product and our fundraising scheme.

You can view My Nametags' verified Parentkind listing here.

How are the funds calculated and given to the school?

Every February, a check is sent to your school. The amount corresponds to 24% of all the revenue generated by its sales over the year.