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How old was your child when they first learnt to ride a bike, tie their shoelaces or were trusted to look after their own school uniform?

That was the question on our minds when we launched our latest piece of research among parents up and down the country. This revealed the age when children are expected to reach certain milestones, granted privileges and given responsibilities as they grow up.

We asked 2,000 parents some key questions about the ‘age of expectation’ - when they expect their child to reach these goals – with fascinating results!

What are the key findings?

• Teaching children the value of belongings and how to avoid loss are among the things that cause parents the most problems.

• 70% of parents believe that privileges are granted too soon nowadays.

• 56% said they granted many privileges earlier than they were granted them.

• 29% consider themselves to be stricter than other parents.

• A quarter said they feel peer pressure from other parents to allow their kids to do certain things.

• Half have fallen out with their partner over certain privileges.

• We don’t expect children to be responsible for their own possessions until the age of ten – halfway through primary school.

Age of Expectation Infographic

The Age of Expectation Timeline

7 years old – Children should learn how to ride a bike

8 years old – Tying their own shoelaces, putting their own clothes in the wash and brushing their teeth without the help of mum or dad

9 years old – Responsibilities, including laying the table for dinner, are given and children start getting pocket money

10 years old – This is when children are expected to understand the value of their possessions and are trusted to take care of their own school uniform.

11 years old – Electronics are granted! Children are allowed a TV in their room and a tablet device.

12 years old – Freedom! Playing at the local park unsupervised, walking to school on their own and cycling to school are all allowed by mum and dad.

13 years old – Teenagers are allowed their independence. They can be in the house alone, go out on their own and have a computer in their bedroom

14 years old – Social media is granted. At this age children are allowed to communicate with their friends on Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

15 years old – By now children can go on a date, buy their own clothes and buy energy drinks.

16 years old – Children can have friends over when we’re away and go out after dark

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Perfect for School Uniforms & Equipment


My Nametags' school labels are perfect for rough everyday school use, and the labels stay on wash after wash. It is easy to fit a house name, pupil number or class on the name tags. Many customers also put the name of the school on their labels, to ensure that lost items will be returned to the school.

My Nametags colour stickers can be stuck into school uniform and clothing, and stay on in the wash, covering all your labelling needs for back-to-school. Just apply them to the washing or care labels of the clothes, and they will stay on for years. Our name tags can also be used for school ties, other school wear and any other clothing, as well as for all equipment, such as PE bags, lunchboxes, bottles and books, as well as CDs and DVDs. You can also use the stickers to label shoes. The school labels can bend around curved items and they are very easy to put on. It couldn't be simpler!

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With a child starting at nursery, trust My Nametags for name tags that make sure that the favorite jumper or teddy makes it home. Useful for parents and staff at nursery, our fun designs also help pre school children to recognise their own belongings. Nametags are great for bags, jumpers, coats and even shoes.

The new My Nametags colour stickers can simply be stuck onto a care or washing label and washed with the clothing. No need to sew or iron on the name tag! The colour stickers can of course also be used on shoes, equipment, bags and books. With one set of labels, you can cover everything your child needs for nursery. You can choose an almost infinite variety of pattered backgrounds, designs, fonts and writing colour, so now it is even easier to recognise your child's clothing.

Keep track of your baby gear

Whether catching up at the local coffee shop or busy enjoying the soft play; name tags are perfect for labelling baby bottles, food containers, cardigans, coats and changing bags.

Baby things will be lost, and My Nametags' labels are perfect for labelling equipment and clothes/blankets.

Items like baby blankets, bottles, bibs, food containers and toys all tend to be lost or forgotten, whether in a coffee shop, in the park or at someone's home. With name tags, these items will get back to you straight away. Also, if your child has an allergy, the name tags might be a good way to alert others to this.

Once your baby arrives in a nursery or childcare, you will have to label all the clothes and toys. Get My Nametags labels now, and make sure you don't lose bottles and bibs, and you are likely to still have plenty when your child starts in childcare.


My Nametags works with Parent Teacher Associations to raise funds

As a PTA or "Friends of" group, you can organise the sale of labels and thereby raise funds and help your school or nursery. Your organisation can make 20% per order, by fundraising with My Nametags.

My Nametags is working with a number of individual PTA organisations, helping them to coordinate the collection of nametags orders. There is no cost to distribute our order forms, just contact us and we will send more to you. You can send the forms to us with the name of the school, nursery or PTA, and we will credit you with the funds.

Even easier, by putting a link to My Nametags on the schools' website, with your School ID, you will automatically be credited each time a parent or relative makes a purchase.

Link to us

Contact us to get your School ID and learn more.You can use the following code on your school's website to make sure that parents automatically enter the School ID when ordering. If you do not have a School ID, please contact us. You can replace the 00000 with the School ID number in the links below:

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Please note that if a parent uses the school name instead of the ID number when ordering online, the website will not recognise your school and so it will not be credited.

Promote the Scheme

If you would like to share the image below on your website or social media channels to promote the fundraising scheme, please contact We can then provide you with the image, containing your school/nursery’s ID code.

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We are delighted to have been recognised by Parentkind as an Approved Supplier. Parentkind is the UK's leading PTA membership organisation so we are pleased that they have given their seal of approval for both our product and our fundraising scheme.

You can find out more about Parentkind here, or view our verified listing here.

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