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Golf Camps for Kids: A Summer of Learning and Fun

As parents, it can be hard to find activities for our kids that are enriching and valuable and teach them skills they can take forward into life as they grow older… While still being a ton of fun for them to do! 

It can also be super easy to fall into the trap of accidentally helping our kids become just a bit too attached to technology. This is why introducing them to a sport that serves the dual purpose of being extremely fun and building valuable life skills is an excellent thing to do at an early age. 

As a golf instructor myself, I may be slightly biased! But golf camps for kids are one of the best ways of teaching them to be well-rounded humans… And giving them a way to relieve stress and just have a bunch of fun. 

What Are Golf Camps? 

Golf camps are pretty much exactly as they sound! They’re programs dedicated to introducing, educating, and training youngsters in the sport, usually for kids aged between 10 and 17. 

You can find golf camps for all skill levels, so whether your kid is brand new to the game or already a budding pro, there’s a golf camp designed to help them improve. 

These kinds of camps are usually structured in a way that exposes the children to expert coaching, mental training, golfing etiquette, and even a bit of competition. Some include outings to well-known golfing locations, delving a little into the history of the sport. 

Most golf camps take place during the long summer holiday. This not only provides the best weather for golfing, but it helps your kids to make the most of their break by doing something physical, learning new skills, and immersing themselves in a world they might just fall in love with! 

Benefits of Golf Camps for Kids 

Sending your kid to a golf camp has many benefits, both physical and mental! This isn’t just any old camp where they’ll learn “team building skills”… When they get back from this one, they’ll be smarter, more skilled, and quite possibly have a new love for the most sophisticated and yet fun sport. 

Golf camps aren’t just child’s play, either. Your youngster will be learning from experienced instructors who are excellent golfers themselves. They’ll also be practicing with other kids who share their interest in golf, which means it’s an amazing opportunity for making lifelong friends! 

More than anything, golf camps are a fun, supportive environment for any kids who enjoy the game and want to take it further. That being said, there are some specific physical and mental benefits that your child can look forward to when going to golf camp. 

Physical Benefits 

The golf swing isn’t particularly strenuous, but it does require a good bit of muscle activation to get it right. As your kid learns the right way to swing, they’ll also be getting the added benefits of improved balance, better hand-eye coordination, muscular endurance, and even better muscular strength. 

Aside from that, these kinds of camps also encourage your child to start building healthy habits from a young age. Many camps also include sessions about nutrition, hydration, and other exercise, so it’s the perfect way to start your kid off on the right foot with their physical health. 

Mental Benefits 

The mental benefits of golf are just as amazing as the physical benefits. When your kid is young, they learn more easily, so this is an excellent way to start building mental resilience and strategic thinking. 

Golf is very much a mental game. As well as learning how to swing their clubs, your child will learn how to actually play the game—which fosters problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and concentration. 

It’s also a great way for them to understand the benefits of being disciplined, develop better self-confidence, and learn how best to interact with others on (and off) the course. 

What to Expect at a Golf Camp 

Not sure what exactly to expect when your kid goes to golf camp? Here are the kinds of things they’ll be taking part in when they’re there—all of which are a good mix of learning and fun! 

  • Training Sessions: These may include general group golf lessons, swing training, skill-building exercises, driving power, and working on the short game. You can expect sessions based on getting the golf club grip right, how to stand, the anatomy of a good golf swing, putting with precision, and so on. 
  • Strategy/Etiquette Lessons: These include “soft skills” like course management, rule-following, dressing for the golf course, and learning how to create a smart strategy for your game. 
  • Competitive Scenarios: Friendly competitions, mini-golf tournaments, or group games which are designed to build skills. 
  • Cross-Training Activities: Some camps may include other physical activity that complements golf, like cardio exercises and resistance training. 
  • Team-Building: There are still a fair bit of team-building exercises on these camps, but they’re designed to instill a sense of camaraderie and working together and are likely to take place in a golfing context. 
  • Extras: Some camps might be lucky enough to have professional golfers or high-profile people in the golfing world come and talk to the camp’s participants. Outings are also a possibility, especially if there’s an interesting or important golfing location nearby. 

Each golf camp will structure its sessions differently. It also depends on the skill level they’re catering for. For example, a camp for beginner golfers will probably focus more on swing mechanics and rules, for example, while a camp for more advanced players might focus more on in-depth strategy or shot nuances. 

Finding the Right Golf Camp for Your Child 

You know your child best! Here are some options you may want to consider based on your child’s skill level, personality, and social comfort. 

  • Weekend Camps: These are an excellent way to give your kid a taste of what a full golf camp is like without sending them off for too long. 
  • Residential Camps: These golf camps are fully immersive. Your youngster will live, eat, sleep, and train on the campsite for anything from a few days to a week. 
  • Day Golf Camps: These camps can be longer than a weekend, but kids don’t stay on-site. This makes them significantly more affordable, as the campsite won’t be providing food and lodging. 

Once you’ve figured out which type of camp might suit your youngster best, you can begin to look at the more specific details of each camp. Here’s what you should be looking at: 

  • Skill Level/Age: Some camps are age-specific, while others are more about skill level. Make sure whichever one you choose is appropriate for your kid. 
  • Location: It’s up to you (and the type of camp you choose) as to whether the location needs to be nearby or if you can get away with it being a little further away. 
  • Activities: Different camps have different activities. Make sure you know what activities are included and if you’re happy with them. 
  • Staff: Make sure the instructors are experienced and qualified to teach your kid golf. If the website is vague about its instructors, it’s probably a red flag! 
  • Cost: Thankfully, there are a variety of options to suit every budget! 

If possible, we recommend taking a visit to the golf camp with your child before enrolling them. Of course, it’s important that they’re as happy as you are with your final choice! 

Some Great Options 

Ready to enroll your kid in golf camp? Here are some of the best ones in the country—check them out and choose the right one for your youngster! 

  • Mypro Golf Camp 
  • Nike Golf Camps 
  • Village Camps Golf Camp 
  • Lee Westwood Golf School 
  • Ertheo Golf & Language Camps 

About the Author 

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence

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