What Are Shoe Label Stickers?

Imagine the scenario: your little one has changed at school and accidentally came home in one of their classmate’s shoes. It’s all too easy for your child to make this mistake when most children wear similar or even the same footwear for school – especially when the uniform policy forces you to buy particular styles and colours. So, how can you solve the problem of never seeing the shoes you purchased ever again? Read on to learn how our shoe label stickers can make all the difference.

What are shoe label stickers?

Shoe label stickers are products which enable you to quickly and efficiently label up your children’s footwear to stop them from being lost – or swapped with similar-looking shoes at school. The stickers we offer here at My Nametags are fully customisable and include your child’s name and a fun design, meaning you’ll never have to guess whose shoes are whose ever again!

These sticky back labels can be simply stuck to the inner soles of the shoes, clearly making them identifiable at school, activities, and even parties. This will significantly decrease the chance of any mix-ups or switches happening between different types of kiddie shoes!

So, whether your children’s shoes are from Clarks, Schuh, M&S, or any other leading footwear retailer, we know they are most likely costing you more than ever. With rising prices, you need to ensure you can identify and protect your children’s shoes from accidental mix-ups at school and on other occasions.

How to label shoes

Shoe stickers should be placed inside the shoe sole by the heel. In an ideal world, you’ll want to utilise a durable name sticker, particularly one that is rub-resistant, since this area may have a lot of friction from your child’s heel. Luckily, our team at My Nametags has designed a high-quality, non-fade name sticker which we guarantee will outlive your child’s shoes!

How to name school shoes

We recommend you personalise your nametag with your kid’s name and your mobile phone number. This means if the footwear is lost outside of nursery or school, the finder can call you and return the lost item easily!


Hopefully, you have taken away the knowledge that the sticky name labels provided to you by My Nametags can help deliver a solution to the anxiety of lost shoes! By making your own customisable labels and engaging your kids in a fun and creative process, you can start protecting the items you’ve spent valuable money on, whether this is shoes, clothes, stationery, lunch tins, or more! If this is something you’d love to get involved in, to read more about our shoe name stickers here!

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