Can Water Bottle Stickers Go in The Dishwasher 

Has your child ever brought the wrong water bottle home from school? With so many similar-looking water bottles out there, it’s all too easy for children to get their possessions mixed up in the chaos of school, afterschool clubs, and any other activities they may participate in with other kids. This is why our company, My Nametags, has come up with the ideal solution to this problem: using durable name stickers to identify items! 

Water bottle name stickers at My Nametags 

Our nametags are aesthetically appealing and provide a practical solution to accidentally swapped possessions at school. Our team at My Nametags helps parents mark up their children’s water bottles with a fully customisable sticker. After creating a unique design and order, our team takes care of the rest of the process. 

Can you put your water bottle sticker in the dishwater? 

Since your child will be using their water bottle every single school day, it’s evident that the product will need to be washed frequently. But with so many busy parents resorting to using dishwashers instead of handwashing, many may worry about how this will affect the name stickers. So, how does this process affect the nametags? 

The truth is that the quality name labels produced at My Nametags are waterproof and stay firmly stuck on a bottle’s surface in the wash. The labels actually have an impressive ten-year guarantee for surviving the intensity of household dishwashers, and the high-quality ink will not run, unlike low-quality, water-based ink. We take pride in creating durable, washable, and flexible name stickers that will last as long as your kid’s bottle. 

The stickers are constructed with a plastic component known as PVC, which is water-resistant and durable. This material avoids the use of harmful BPAs but still does its job of surviving the chaos of both your child’s schooldays and daily dishwashing processes. 


After reading this, hopefully, you are aware of the ways in which you can approach washing your water bottle and its new nametag. Our team takes pride in offering customers the peace of mind that they can wash our product in the dishwasher without having to worry about it falling off. Thus, not only can you embrace the creativity and fun of designing your own name sticker, but you can also benefit from its high-quality nature. If you’re intrigued to know more,  to explore everything you need to know about nametags on water bottles click here

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