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Shoe name stickers are the low-cost, easy-to-use solution to the age-old problem of lost shoes. Available in a range of designs, sizes and colour schemes, our premium shoe stickers are designed to stand the test of time. They’ll stay firmly in place, regardless of how often your child wears their shoes.Have some fun by designing your shoe labels with your child when they start school — and personalise their footwear in style!

What are shoe name stickers?

Put simply, shoe name stickers allow you to quickly label children’s shoes to prevent them from being lost or inadvertently swapped with similar-looking footwear at school. Stick on shoe labels are fully personalised, sticky-back labels you can use to prevent your child’s shoes from being picked up by another child. Simply stick our shoe lables to the inner soles of your child’s shoes to clearly differentiate and identify them at school, parties and organised activities.

Keep track of your children’s footwear with sticker shoe labels

A lot of children are wearing the same or strikingly similar footwear at school these days. Kids being kids, they don’t always pay attention when getting changed, and return home wearing their classmates’ trainers. When you have My Nametags labels inside the shoes, however, the chances of mixups and switches are reduced dramatically.

Whether your kids’ shoes are from your school uniform shop, M & S, Clarks, Schuh, John Lewis or any of the UK’s other leading retailers, they’re probably costing you more than ever. That’s why identifying and protecting them with name tags for shoes from inadvertent mixups at school is so important. With our durable shoe labels at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about lost shoes again!

Use My Nametags shoe labels

As you can see, our shoe name labels come in a variety of designs and colour schemes. Durable, practical and fully customisable, our personalised shoe labels tags are designed to last longer than the shoes they protect!

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Best shoe name stickers

At My Nametags, we’re passionate about helping parents to protect their children’s footwear. We know just how expensive school shoes and kids trainers are these days, which is why we’ve spent time and money developing a product you can rely on.

Use My Nametags peel and stick shoe name tags on every imaginable type of footwear — from Oxford-style school shoes to wellies, boots, dance shoes, ballet shoes and sneakers. Made with high-quality materials using state-of-the-art printing equipment, our personalised shoe labels are guaranteed to stand the test of time. We believe we make the best shoe labels in the world.

No need for shoe cover labels

You won’t need anything else when you buy My Nametags personalised shoe name stickers. Made with durable material and a high-quality adhesive, they’re designed to remain fully legible and firmly in place for the lifetime of the shoes they’re protecting. The labels are full water proof.

We’ve tested our labels on many types of children’s footwear over the years. We’re confident that they’ll remain in place in even the most active children’s shoes. In fact, we’re not afraid to say that our premium stickers will probably outlast the shoes they adorn.

Do I need different right labels and left labels in shoes?

No, you can use the same name labels on just about any type of footwear — whether it’s for the left or right shoe.

Can you put personalised labels on school shoes?

Yes, our personalised school name labels are perfect for labelling all kids’ shoes. They’re designed to withstand that constant friction and movement that occurs in typical footwear. Just stick the name labels on the soles of the shoes, and your kid is ready to go.

Cut out of trainer with locations for shoe labels indicated

How to order shoe name stickers

Ordering your personalised shoe stickers from My Nametags couldn’t be easier or more fun. You get to customise your name labels on our website by entering a name and choosing from one of several design options. We’ll then print your personalised stickers using state-of-the-art printing equipment and send them to you within just a day or two. You can even use your stick on labels for lunch boxes, bento boxes, school uniform and clothing (they can replace iron on labels).

To order your own brilliant labels, just start with our easy-to-use online design tool. Choose a design, size and background, and type your child's name in the 'text' field. You’ll see how your stickers will look immediately in the preview panel. Once you’re happy with your design, simply add your labels to your basket and enter your payment details.

Design your name tags

Learn about name stickers

Why Chose My Nametags?


Queen’s Award Winner

We were presented with the a Queen's Award by HRH King Charles III (then The Prince of Wales) in recognition of bringing quality and innovative products to international markets.


Happy Customers

Because of our commitment to first rate service and quality products, we have a near 100% customer satisfaction rating in multiple countries which is unmatched in the nametag market.


Never Falls off

Our Colour Name Stickers will stay stuck after being put in the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, or microwave countless times. Also, there is no need to clean them, they're antimicrobial!


Promoting Sustainability

A total of 1.4 million lost school uniforms (354 tonnes of plastic) ends up in landfill each year in the UK (My Nametags, 2020). Help our planet now by labelling to prevent loss.

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Where do you put name labels on shoes?

The best location is flat on the sole by the heel. If a shoe is lost, it will be straightforward for the finder to see and read the name labels.

You can also stick the name label under the tongue of the shoe. This location will see less rubbing of the label, but is less likely to be seen if someone picks up a lost shoe.

How do I label my shoes?

To insert a name label into a shoe, you should start with a sticker, rather than an iron-on or sew-on name label. The easiest place to see a shoe sticker is placed inside the sole, by the heel.

Ideally you want to use a name sticker that is good quality, in particular a rub-resistant one, as this location will have a lot of friction from the heel. If your labels are not water and rub-resistant, you could place them underneath the tongue instead (but it will be less obvious to see the labels if shoes are lost). Alternatively, some companies provide transparent shoe covers to compensate for less performant labels, but these might unstick and look ugly.

How do you name kids school shoes?

The best way to name kids school shoes is to use a shoe name sticker, personalised with your child’s name and your phone number. If the shoe is lost outside of school or nursery, the finder can call your phone number to return the shoe to you.

You can also use a marker pen, but this is likely to fade, so might not be clear enough if the shoe is lost.

How do you mark your name on a shoe?

When you buy shoe name stickers from My Nametags, identifying your child’s footwear couldn’t be easier. Input their name using our online design feature, and let our high-quality printers do the rest.

We have spent a lot of time developing our shoe name stickers to ensure they’re both durable and practical. All our shoe name labels are stickers, rather than iron-on tags. And we print the name on each sticker for you, as in our experience pen fades very quickly!

Where can I label my shoes?

Labelling children’s shoes has always been a challenge for parents. Labels must be designed for the shoe’s interior, but the constant friction caused when walking can easily dislodge an inferior sticker.

Some people choose to place their name labels under the tongue, but they can be easily missed in such an obscured area. We have designed premium stickers that can withstand constant movement and friction on the sole or heel of a shoe. Hard-wearing, stylish and instantly noticeable, our shoe name stickers are as practical as they are effective, ready for your kids' life at school and home.

How do you mark school shoes?

Design your My Nametags shoe stickers online using our simple design tool. This allows you to enter the name of your child. Our high-quality printers will ensure the name appears on every non-fade sticker clearly. All you need to do is peel off a sticker and stick it on the sole or heel of each shoe.

How do you put labels on shoes?

The best labels to put on a shoe are name stickers. You can stick them on the sole under the heel, so that they are easily seen if the shoe is lost.

What does the sticker in my shoe mean?

There are two types of labels you can find in a shoe, the materials label and a name label. The materials label explains what materials have been used in making the shoes, typically leather, cotton or synthetics. The name label gives the name and hopefully a phone number to the owner (or their parent) to help return the shoe if it has been lost.

Can I use name labels for shoes in a care home?

Yes, it is very useful to have personalised name labels in the shoes in a care home. Sometimes it is tricky for staff to remember which items belong to each resident, so shoes with labels help.

Most of our shoe labels are bought by parents when kids are starting school, but this is not the only use for these personalised labels.