JUST £11.95 + £1.00 P&P FOR A SHEET OF 180 STICKERS

washing guarantee

Durable name tags

The sticker labels are very durable. Using a ridid label material combined with a strong adhesive, our labels are made to last.


Washing Guarantee

Our labels are flexible enough to stay on most surfaces and will even stay stuck to items in the dishwasher and the microwave. That is why we our proud to offer a 10 year guarantee.


Easy and fun to use

My Nametags black and white sticker labels are perfect for labelling every pencil and pen in your school bag.



ORDER NOW 180 sticker name tags FOR ONLY £11.95 + £1.00 P&P

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Perfect for pencils and stationery

These black and white My Nametags labels are perfect for labelling all your child's pencils and school stationery. The labels are a perfect size for fitting on the smallest pencil, pen or rubber, yet big enough to be seen and to ensure that the most expensive pen is brought back home. Whether your child goes to a school, a nursery or creche, they will appreciate our UK name tags for keeping all their possessions safe.

Please note, the Black and White stickers are not suitable for clothes. Only our colour stickers are suitable for clothing.

What to write on your labels

On our labels you can have three lines of text (15 characters per line). Many like to include a first name and a surname. You could also include a class name (e.g. year 5 or Tulip class). Alternatively, you could add a telephone number for people to contact you should your item go missing.

On the labels we can also include any Gaelic fadas or accents.

TOP TIP The more text you include the smaller the writing becomes. You can create more room for text if you don’t have an image.

What Size are the labels?

Our labels measure 30 x 13mm, so they are easy to read and identify, and can fit on most items such as stationery, mobile phones and mugs.

How to Order

Ordering our labels couldn’t be easier! You can use the quick order module above to choose from some of our most popular designs, just add you text and pop your labels straight into your basket. Alternatively you can get creative and design your own by choosing from our huge range of different simple designs.

Our stickers really stay on!

My Nametags is using a unique combination of high quality label material and a special adhesive that makes our labels stay on much better than any other label on the market. We have tested a number of materials extensively and in the end we chose a custom material that no other nametags company is using. It stays on better than any other labels we know of, and still maintains the flexibility to bend around bottles or around the edges of lunchboxes.

Good value name tags

My Nametags black and white stickers gives you a large number of stickers to label all your child's equipment, at a very reasonable cost. With 180 labels you will be able to keep this set of name tags for a long time, saving yourself time and money in the process.

You should also consider

My Nametags makes colour stickers that are even more robust and that can also be used on clothing and in shoes. The price of the colour stickers is the same, but you get 56 colour stickers instead of the 180 black and white stickers. Click to read about these stickers for clothing, shoes and equipment.

We also offer iron-on labels for clothing, click if you would like to read more about our black and white iron-on labels.

Quick Delivery

We deliver to anywhere in Great Britain and anywhere else in the world for free. Find out more information about our deliveries.

Customer reviews

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, all our staff are trained to deal with any query over the phone and we respond to emails within 24 hours. You can read 100% independent reviews on our Feefo site for customers upload their reviews of our product and service. We aren’t able to delete or edit reviews uploaded to this site, so you can be 100% certain that all our reviews are genuine!

How to use

To Label Equipment
  1. Stick the colour label on a clean and dry surface
  2. Wait 24 hours before dishwashing for maximum adhesion.

Stickers are dishwasher-proof and microwave safe.

Note for Labelling Clothing

Please note that these stickers are not meant for using on clothing. They may stay on in a few washes, but they will fall off the clothing. If you would like to use stickers to label clothes, you will have to purchase our colour stickers instead.

Note for Labelling Items

Our black and white stickers will stay in place on almost any item. However, we do not recommend using them on sun cream bottles as this may cause damage to the label print.

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