Height Charts

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Watch your child grow with a My Nametags Height Chart! Our height charts are easy to apply, reposition and remove and come in adorable themes. You won’t believe how much they are growing!

Children's Bedrooms

Children use their bedrooms for play, relaxation, homework, reading, sleep and so much more. It is probably the place where they will grow the most, and now you can keep track of just how much they are growing! Choose their favourite theme and start watching them grow.

Where can Height Charts be used?

Our Height Charts fit perfectly on smooth and lightly textured surfaces such as painted or wallpapered walls, doors, cupboards or tiles. These stickers should not be applied to freshly painted or wallpapered surfaces. Please allow a minimum of 30 days after decorating to apply the stickers.

How to apply Height Charts?

For best results, apply the height chart to clean, dry surfaces. Use the 50 cm ruler we provide to place the height chart at the correct height. Make sure the height chart starts where the ruler ends. Carefully pull the sticker from the sheet and place it on the desired area. Start at a corner of the height chart and apply it gently to the surface, this will help prevent air bubbles. Once you have the height chart in place remove the ruler.

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