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Looking for Sew on labels?


Traditionally, woven sew-on labels have been the durable go-to option for labelling school uniforms. Nowadays, however, superior labels are available in the form of iron-on name labels or name stickers. Unlike sew-on labels, iron-on labels and sticker labels can be attached in seconds without sacrificing on either longevity or durability. Find the best name stickers and iron-on labels at My Nametags. Design yours now!


Looking for Name Stickers?


Name Stickers are your personalised companions which help you to keep items and clothing (can be used on the care label) safe from loss or accidental mix-ups. Our stickers are made using PVC, special adhesives, and quality ink which combined deliver a highly durable, 100% waterproof, washing machine proof, tumble dryer proof and aesthetically pleasing label that will never let you down. However, if you would like a permanent label which is guaranteed to resist washing for 10 years, look no further than our iron-on labels. Design yours now!


What are iron-on labels?


Manufactured with waterproof, durable materials and adhesives designed to melt into fabrics when heat is applied, iron on clothing labels from My Nametags are permanent, easy, and fast to use. My Nametags personalised iron-on clothing labels are suitable for all kinds of clothing including jumpers, t-shirts, trousers, socks and uniforms and they are guaranteed to stay stuck throughout 10 years of washing. However, if you want to label items such as water bottles stickers will be the best option for you. Our iron-on labels are also permanent, so you may prefer using our name stickers as they can be removed if you wish to give away your child's garments in the future. Design yours now!

the best iron on name tags for clothes


Queen’s Award Winner

We were presented with the a Queen's Award by HRH King Charles III (then The Prince of Wales) in recognition of bringing quality and innovative products to international markets.


Happy Customers

Because of our commitment to first rate service and quality products, we have a near 100% customer satisfaction rating in multiple countries which is unmatched in the nametag market.


For kids and Adults

Thanks to our design tool, adults and kids alike can create perfect labels. This is because you can make a total of 19,474,560 combinations using our range of designs, backgrounds and fonts!


Promoting Sustainability

A total of 1.4 million lost school uniforms (354 tonnes of plastic) ends up in landfill each year in the UK (My Nametags, 2020). Help our planet now by labelling to prevent loss.


Queen's award winner

Since 2004, we have sold our labels to over 130 countries across the world. During this time, we have recieved a large number of major business awards. However, in recognition of bringing quality and innovative products to international markets, we recieved the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. This is the most prestigious business award in the United Kingdom, and we grateful and honoured to have been awarded it.


Iron on school labels

  • shape Schools are often bustling environments which leads to garments getting lost or swapped.
  • shape Iron on school labels are a long-lasting solution to prevent your child from misplacing clothes at school or unintentionally mixing up their clothing with others.
  • shape Clearly labelled items make it easier to locate lost or swapped belongings, so make sure that clothing is labelled in an obvious place.
  • shape My Nametags iron-on school labels are easy to use, child-friendly and 100% washable.

Iron on name labels for care homes

With My Nametags iron on name tags for care homes, you don’t have to worry too much about lost garments and accidental swaps. Our personalised iron on name labels for care homes can be ironed onto just about any type of clothing, even socks!

So whether it’s you or a loved one living in a care home, you can finally say goodbye to garment-related mix-ups. We have also designed our clothing name labels for care homes to be highly legible to avoid any further mistakes!

Personalise iron on clothing labels the right way

Designing your child's labels is a great activity to do with your child. Here is an easy guide to design the perfect labels


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You can add 1 to 3 lines of text which will allow you to add a first name, surname, phone number or the name of your child's school or class.


shape shape

Add the most suitable icon from our wide range of icons for all age groups for children in preschool to high school as well as icons for adults


shape shape

Pick a backgound where the icon and the text is visible and easy to read from our massive range of patterns and solid colour backgrounds.


shape shape

Select a font which matches the theme of your label design and a font colour that does NOT merge with the background colour/pattern.

How to apply an iron on label

Where to apply iron on labels

black & white iron on labels


Introducing our Black & White Iron-on Nametags. At just £9.95 for 120 iron-on labels, they are perfect for those needing to label large quantities of clothing quickly such as care homes staff or parents with multiple children. These minimalist labels are also 100% waterproof, abrasion resistant and are guaranteed to remain attached throughout 10 years of washing.

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Do Name Labels work?

In 2016, My Nametags attached labels with a name and telephone number to 500 teddy bears and distributed these bears randomly across 25 cities in the UK. We did this to discover how effective our labels are at getting the seemingly lost teddies back to their rightful owner. We found out that the likelihood of a labelled item being returned is 50%, and that 70% of all labelled items are returned within only 24 hours! Watch the video about our label experiment.

Why choose colour iron-on nametags?

Our personalised clothing labels are the best option if you are looking to identify clothing and school uniform. No more hours spent sewing sew on labels! These nametags can be applied in seconds, directly on the item of clothing and will not cause any irritation. We do not use any harmful chemicals in the production of our labels.

The iron-on name label can be customised to reflect your child’s personality or interests. They will have so much fun designing their own nametags! My Nametags iron name labels are waterproof, washing machine and dryer safe. We are confident in the quality of our iron on name labels which is why we are the only company in the market to offer you a 10-year washing guarantee. Be sure to use the silicone paper provided and follow the instructions provided with your set of iron name labels.

Reviews of our labels

Click here to read some of our amazing customers reviews on Trustpilot.

Shipping and Payment
Delivery to UK

You will usually receive your order within one week of us receiving your internet order, but please count 10 days to be sure as it may take up to 48 hours for your order to be produced. One set of iron on name labels will cost £15.95.

International delivery

We deliver anywhere in the world at no extra cost. We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside of Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode within the address.


We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also pay via Paypal. Payment is securely handled by Adyen.

Instructions for Use
How to use iron-on name labels?

On Clothing:
1. Remove label from the transparent backing sheet.
2. Place iron on nametag on garment and cover with the silicone paper provided.
3. Heat iron to maximum temperature for the garment.
4. Turn off the steam setting and hold the iron over the label for 10-20 seconds.
5. Remove silicone paper, allow to cool and check that all edges are fused to the fabric.

- Follow garment care instructions.
- Do not iron labels on non-ironable clothing.
- Do not iron nametags without using the silicone paper.

Where to apply your personalised iron on name tags?

The iron on name labels should be applied to an area of the item which will be immediately visible. This will make it less likely for the clothes item to get mistaken by someone else's. And, if the item gets lost makes it easier for the person who found the item to identify who it belongs to. Iron-on labels should be applied directly on the fabric.

Please note:
For the continued care of your iron-on labelled items, please refrain from direct iron contact to avoid damage to both the labels and your iron. Even after labelling your items, when ironing clothes, maintain the same procedure by using a silicon sheet as a protective barrier between the iron and the labels. If a silicon sheet is not available, ensure there is no direct contact between the iron and the label. This precaution ensures a prolonged and damage-free experience.

More Information and Uses
Sew in name labels vs iron on name tapes

Whether you need name labels for an elderly relative in a care home, a child at school, or yourself, sew-in name labels are often regarded as the solution for preventing lost or mistakenly swapped garments. However, not all sew-in name labels are of high quality, and they tend to fade over time. Moreover, attaching and removing them can be time-consuming. When considering sew in name labels vs iron on name tapes it should be noted that iron-on name labels deliver the same results as sew in name tapes, but without the time and hassle. Large iron on name labels manufactured with waterproof, durable materials and permanent adhesives from My Nametags are easier and faster to use. Not only that, but they’re also customisable and cost-effective!

Personalised iron on labels

Has your child ever returned home wearing the wrong school uniform? Does your relative frequently encounter lost clothing at their care home? Do you work in an environment where everyone dresses alike? If you have said yes to any of these questions, personalised iron on labels could help you to protect your garments against mix-ups and losses. Also, using iron on personalised labels goes beyond simply identifying lost clothing, it adds a personalised twist to your clothing. With a vast array of customisation choices, you can create a unique and iron on labels that truly reflect you, your relative’s or your child's individuality using our design tool.

Iron on school labels

Schools are often bustling environments, making it unsurprising that numerous garments go missing or end up being mistakenly swapped throughout the day. This is precisely why school labels are so important. By permanently labelling school uniform items using iron on school labels, the likelihood of another child unintentionally taking your child's clothes decreases. Moreover, when items are clearly labelled, it becomes much easier to locate lost or swapped belongings. My Nametags iron on school labels are both user friendly and washable, they also provide a long-lasting solution to the challenge of preventing your child from misplacing shirts, ties, trousers, and PE garments at school.

Best iron on name labels UK

My Nametags specialises in crafting the best iron on name labels that effectively help you to minimise lost clothing. Our commitment to providing superior quality, long-lasting durability, customizable design choices, and effortless application sets us apart and it is what has made us the leading provider of quality iron-on labels. With the remarkable resilience of our labels, you can take pride in knowing that you're actively reducing waste and minimising your environmental footprint by preventing clothing loss.

Iron on labels for clothing

When it comes to garment identification and preventing loss or swaps, there are various options available. Name label stickers offer a semi-permanent solution, allowing for future re-labeling, but they can only be applied to care or brand labels, not directly to fabrics. Sew-on name labels are also available, providing a permanent solution, but they can be time-consuming and challenging to apply neatly. For a simple and effective way to identify school uniforms, work clothes, or garments in care homes, My Nametags iron on labels for clothing offer several advantages. They are permanent, stylish, easy to apply, fully customisable through our online design tool, waterproof, and suitable for a wide range of fabrics.

Iron on name labels for care homes

With My Nametags iron on name labels for care homes, you don’t have to worry too much about lost garments and accidental swaps. Our personalised iron on name labels for care homes can be ironed onto just about any type of clothing, even socks! So whether it’s you or a loved one living in a care home, you can finally say goodbye to garment related mix ups. We have also designed our iron on name labels for care homes to be highly legible to avoid any further mistakes!

Using our labels for clothes

Have you been searching on Google for “sew in labels UK,” “cloth labels,” “fabric name labels,” “clothes labels uk,” “labels for clothes uk,” or “clothes name labels” and are not sure which is the best for your child? If so, we would like to introduce you to the best label for clothes - colour iron-on-tags which are designed to be the perfect clothing name tags. An iron on name label from My Nametags is made from premium PVC which is both waterproof and highly durable. We are so confident that each iron on name tag comes with a 10 year guarantee! The durability of our labels makes our clothes name tags the best option for labelling school uniforms. So if you are in the market for iron on name tags uk for school, forget sew on name tags and get iron on school tags! Often referred to as adhesive clothes labels or fabric name tags, stickers are also versatile solutions for labeling clothes. Unlike a sew on name label, these stick on fabric labels are easy to use and they are more practical than iron on school name tags as they can be applied in seconds. Also if you do not want a permanent label then our stick on labels for clothes are a great option, and they are also perfect school clothes labels! This is because these stick on clothes labels are also made from PVC and they have a strong adhesive to ensure they stay stuck on clothes even after countless washes unlike a sew on name tag which is likely to fall off after time. Order your iron labels for clothes or stick on labels for clothes now!