We Surveyed, You Responded!

At My Nametags we are constantly striving to better understand our customers. That’s why in April this year we decided to survey 2,000 adults in the UK investigating how many items people lost per year. Along with our research and thanks to your impressive feedback we found some pretty startling results, heard many humorous stories and even received the occasional commendation of when My Nametags had proven to be the saving grace for lost items being returned to their rightful owners!

Our data revealed that every month, the average person is expected to lose four items. “Keys,” “phones” and “pens” topped the list for the most commonly lost items by adults and “school books,” “jumpers” and “stationery” for children. Four lost items a month might not sound like much at first, but when you consider that over a lifetime you can expect to lose on average 3000 items then it becomes a much more worrying statistic.



lost keys

Children will lose around 1000 items throughout their school years alone and the most expensive item parent’s claim their child has lost was valued at “over £100 pounds!” On a lighter note somebody actually managed to lose “a highchair.” One wonders how that might happen… Other strange items included a “snorkel”, “fairy wings” and an actual “car in a car park!”

Another participant explained how their son’s beloved birthday present, a “Nintendo DS,” was lost while they were staying in a hotel on holiday. What’s more, his favourite game Mario Kart 7 happened to be inside the console! Having phoned the hotel persistently in the weeks that followed their departure, they were beginning to lose hope until one day 7 weeks later they received a call from a linen company revealing that the Nintendo had been discovered in a pile of sheets. She explained how it was a complete surprise and that without the aid of My Nametags labels and the honesty of the person involved the Nintendo would never have been recovered.

We are proud to hear these stories when people’s most treasured possessions go on journeys of their own into the abyss only later to be miraculously returned to their rightful owners thanks to the good nature of human beings. We encourage people to keep this momentum up by remembering to do one simple thing – nametag your most important possessions, whether that be anything from your “glasses,” “phone charger” or “camera” to your “child’s helmet,” “snorkel” or “angel halo.” Probably not your “grandmother’s teeth” though, we think they are just fine without a nametag…

To avoid losing items in the future, check out My Nametags products for all your labelling needs.

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