Top Fun Maths Books for Kids

Some children just don’t find maths particularly easy to understand, especially after the summer away from school. Keeping young minds ticking over is a great idea and if you can find something that is fun and adds to learning, all the better.

Here’s our top seven maths books which will help your children love the subject.


This book is a great way of helping your child with mental maths at home. Doing one column of questions each day (1-2 minutes) will help improve speed and ability. This is one of a series of Mental Maths books. Age 7-8 Mental Maths Every Day by Andrew Brodie.

mental maths



This is a fantastic book that manages to combine creativity with a series of maths calculations. It’s sure to convince kids that maths can be as fun as art. Age 7+. This is Not a Maths Book by Anna Weltman.

This is not a maths book

Learning your times tables can be a real chore but this book is a classic and will teach your child while they colour. All the pictures hide a shape that can be revealed by colouring in the multiples of a certain number. Age 6+ The Multiplication Tables Colouring Book by Hilary McElderry.
Colouring book
A world of adventures and maths questions come together in this fabulous book. Children have to answer mathematical mysteries to save the Golden Hoard of treasure. Age: 8+ Maths Quest: The Museum of Mysteries by David Glover. See also The Cavern of Clues and The Planet of Puzzles.
museum of mysteries
This book is full of games and tips that will prove to your children that maths can be really good fun and is part of everyday life. Age 4-14 Maths on the Go! 101 Fun Ways to Play with Maths by Rob Eastaway & Mike Askew.
maths on the go
Your child will love solving word, number, memory while strengthening their maths skills. Lots of number puzzles like Sudoku and Kakuro. Age: 8+ Brain Games for Clever Kids by Gareth Moore and Chris Dickason.
brain games
This book will help all those parents who want to understand the different methods to do arithmetic their children are learning. It will also help you understand why they are being taught that way. It’s easy to read and humorous too. Maths for Mums and Dads by Mike Askew and Rob Eastaway.
maths for parents