Office Stickers

We are more conscious than ever of how easily and quickly germs and Bacteria can spread.

Your typical day to day office equipment such as staplers, pens and scissors are common places for germs and bacteria to survive. These are also some of the most common items shared between teams in the workplace leading to germs and bacteria being shared too.

Stickers for Office Equipment

At My Nametags we have a solution that will play a part in helping stop the spread of germs and cross contamination in the office, our Ministickers.

Our Ministickers are perfect for use on all kinds of office stationery from pens andpencils to staplers and scissors and will help you identify your things really easily! If you and your colleagues stick to using your own stationery and equipment and not sharing with each other this will help reduce the spread of germs throughout the office.

My Nametags labels are also the only antimicrobial labels in the market! We cover our colour stickers with an antimicrobial layer which kills any bacteria that may be on the surface of the labels. Our colour stickers are tested to be antimicrobial by Industrial Microbiological Services and have been awarded a certificate under ISO 22196 (Measurement of antimicrobial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces).

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