Parenting in 2021 through images

My Nametags wishes you a happy new year! Not just another year has passed, but another year of parenting – not just another year of parenting, another year parenting during a pandemic! Living life on hard mode is challenging but it is also filled with funny and happy moments. So to put a new, funnier spin on the hard times we thought we’d share with you our favourite 2021 parenting memes. The images that perfectly describe the joy, fear, happiness and chaos that being a parent brings…

2021 started and ended in the same way:

I probably look worse lol | Mommy humor, Funny memes sarcastic, Funny love

There were warnings that were ignored!

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Requests almost ignored…

The BEST Parenting and Baby Memes 2021 - Newbie And Me

Lots of unsolicited advise

The Funniest Parenting Memes - Baby : Bump, Baby and You, Pregnancy,  Parenting and Baby Advice and Info

Moments of freedom enjoyed

23 Memes That Will Make Parents Laugh But Scare The Shit Out Of Non-Parents

As well as moments of suffocation…

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Decluttering attempts

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Makeover attempts

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Attempts to have alone moments

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But at least you are able to enjoy the small things at the end of the day

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And the kids are pretty cute

Cute kid Memes

Here’s to doing it all again this year – focus on the smiles and laughs more than the tantrums and messes and you’ll be just fine!

Stay strong Memes

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