5 Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe This Year

Guest post by Hannah Boothe

Fashion, like the seasons, is always in flux. And the majority of us want to appear well, which includes periodically changing our wardrobes. With the start of Spring and the weather getting warmer, you might be inspired to do some spring cleaning. If you have now reached your closet we have some ideas that might help not only organize your clothing but also your children’s clothing. Maintaining a stylish and current style is an expensive pastime, but appearing put together and current does not have to be. From upcycling vintage clothes to injecting personality with fresh accessories. Here are some of the most effective methods to update your clothing.

1. Conduct A Closet Audit

Purge, cleanse, whatever you like to call it. Turn on the light, pry open the closet door, and remove everything one category at a time. If you cannot hire an expert, rely on your instincts, intuition, and common sense.

If the attire is out of date, out of style, the incorrect size, or even the incorrect character for your new function, remove it immediately! Perhaps the only item you grab for is your black jeans, often in the dry cleaners. If that is the case, you may need to go shopping for a few items!

2. Make An Inventory

Comfortably rehang everything for you; ensure that knitwear is kept flat and folded to avoid stretching. Consider any gaps that may have developed as well; sometimes, the addition of only a few new items may significantly improve the functionality of your existing wardrobe.

Decide what goods you need to acquire to improve your appearance. It might be as simple as a well-fitting black skirt or black pants. You may add a new pair of heels, a pristine white shirt, a well-tailored tweed jacket or sweater jacket, a piece of striking jewellery, or a new purse and two vests. It will provide you with a greater variety of options for styling your old items.

3. Neutrals are Your Best Friends

As you go through your extensive collection, consider collecting all of the neutral things in your wardrobe and storing them in one location; they’ll come in handy when freshly styling an outfit. These are the ‘foundation’ colours of your style, and they’re ideal for amplifying an all-black ensemble. Layer with that vintage red jacket you’ve been hoarding or those cowboy boots you’ve been unsure how to wear.

4. Organize A Clothing Swap

Probably the most enjoyable method on our list, a clothes exchange is an excellent way to purge the old and make room for the new. Additionally, it’s the ideal reason to spend an afternoon with your buddies. You may go bare-bones and spend an hour sifting through the communal pile, or you can make a night of it with drinks, nibbles, and a thrift-store fashion show. After everything has been claimed, you may box up any items that remain unclaimed for donation.

5. Accessorize

Often, all that is required to breathe fresh life into worn-out garments is a change in setting. With a fresh pair of flats and a light wrap in the season’s colour, that ‘little black dress’ that’s wonderful for a classy night out may look equally at home at a summer garden party.

Bags, shoes, scarves, and jewellery are essential for spicing up and broadening your outfit, even more so for individuals who already own a capsule wardrobe. With a more simple wardrobe, you won’t have to worry about whether your accessories look good or match your outfit.

This simple method helps my female personal style customers regain their enthusiasm for dressing. Choose a single standout item for each ensemble. Perhaps a beloved set of colourful earrings or a striking purse could revitalize your outfit and keep you from being tired of your unique style.

You Can Also Experiment with Consignment Shopping

While this is not a new trend, it has gained traction in recent years as consumers gravitate toward second-hand shopping. It’s economical and ecologically friendly and may inspire a wardrobe revamp.

The key to consignment shopping with a purpose is to remain focused and deliberate on what you want to purchase, rather than becoming distracted by other products just because they’re there. Constructing a capsule wardrobe is a process that prioritizes utility, comfort, and thoughtfulness.

Rather than depending on a single huge purge every year, segment your wardrobe and give it smaller, more regular refreshes. You will seem more polished as a consequence, but it will also result in better educated and sustainable clothing decisions over time.

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