Can Name Stickers Be Used for Clothing? 

These days, it’s all too easy for your kids to accidentally pick up the wrong garments at school during PE and afterschool clubs and swap them for their own. When items look incredibly similar – or even identical – you may have found this to be a reoccurring problem. So, how can you prevent this mix-up from happening? 

My Nametags name stickers 

Our team at My Nametags have decided to tackle the problem of mixed-up clothing swaps with the solution of name stickers. Our stick-on and iron-on labels help kids identify possessions as their own in the easiest way possible. By labelling a piece of clothing with a name and unique design, your child is certainly more likely to pick up the correct item when it comes to getting dressed after a PE lesson. 

Can name stickers be used for clothing? 

The good thing is that our name stickers are ideal for use on a range of clothing products. You can simply peel and stick the nametags available on the care label of your little one’s clothing, with there being no requirement to iron on or sew on a tag. With minimal faff, what’s not to love? 

Once you’ve picked out a design your kid loves, you must position it correctly. The best place for clothes stickers is the care label. Note that unless you’re utilising the iron-on version of these tags, you don’t place the sticker directly onto the fabric – always stick with the care label. Thus, ensure the sticker is clearly visible and place it down firmly. We guarantee that the name sticker will last as long as the garment itself – it will stay on during countless wash cycles, yet you’ll still be able to remove the sticker if you want to give the clothing piece away to the child’s younger sibling or charity. 

You can use our name stickers on a range of clothing types, including trousers, jumpers, PE apparel, ties, bags, shoes, and even specific types of underwear. 


All in all, investing in some name stickers from our expert company could be the best purchase you’ve made in a long time! 

My Nametags can offer you durable, quality labels which can be placed on clothing and last as long as the clothing itself. It’s time to avoid irritating garment mix-ups and start getting organised. Take a look at our website  if you are interested in reading more about resolving the problem of clothing swaps today! 

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