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If you or a relative want camaraderie and around-the-clock care in your golden years, living in a care home is a very good option. Not only will you be surrounded by friends, but you’ll also have carers and medical assistance on hand throughout the day.

While there are countless advantages to living in a care home, there are one or two drawbacks — and one of the most common is lost or mistakenly swapped possessions. With so many people living in the same environment, it’s easy for a resident to pick up the wrong cardigan or sweater in a common area. And when it comes to retrieving the garment, the process can be long and complex.

But with iron-on name labels for care homes, you don’t have to worry too much about lost garments and accidental swaps. Personalised name tags can be ironed onto just about any type of clothing — even socks! So whether it’s you or a loved one living in a care home, you can finally say goodbye to garment-related confusion.

How Do Iron-on Name Labels for Care Homes Work?

It all starts with the design process. You use an online design tool to customise your care home name labels with a name, contact information and a series of design features. You can add illustrations, choose your favourite font and select a colour that’s in keeping with your clothes. Or if you’re creating iron on name labels for a loved one, you can make a gift of them for a special occasion.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can order a full sheet of identical clothing tags for care homes in order to label all your — or your relative’s — possessions. Applying them requires heat from a domestic iron or a set of hair straighteners. Iron-on name labels are designed to melt directly into fabrics, so you can identify everything from coats to underwear.

Why Do Care Home Residents Need Iron-on Retirement Home Labels?

The average care home has dozens of residents. Issues arise in two areas: laundry and common areas used for dining and socialising. With so much laundry to perform, care home staff can be forgiven for occasionally mixing up clothes and sending them back to the wrong residents.

Care home residents will often remove outer garments such as jumpers and cardigans in common areas. It’s not unusual for residents to mistake other people’s garments for their own. And when this happens, getting to the bottom of the confusion can be time-consuming and frustrating for everyone involved.

This relatively common issue can be solved by applying iron-on name labels for care homes to all garments. And because you can create distinctive, wholly unique labels, identifying garments couldn’t be easier.

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What Is the Best Way to Label Clothes for a Nursing Home?

Nursing home residents are less likely than children to give their clothes to someone else, so a permanent label is probably the best option. While sew-on name labels for care homes look great and remain in place for the lifetime of the garment, they’re fiddly and time-consuming. An iron on name label for care homes, however, can be applied in just a few seconds with either a domestic iron or hair straighteners.

How Do Care Homes Label Clothes?

Different care homes have different ways of labelling the clothes of residents. While some use fabric pens to write names directly onto garments, others prefer to sew labels. Some even use name stickers, which are applied to care labels on clothing.

However, for the longest-lasting results, iron-on name labels for care homes are the best option. A high-quality label made with waterproof materials and adhesive will remain in place regardless of how many washing cycles it undergoes.

To minimise swapped and lost garments in care homes, use waterproof, non-fade iron-on clothing labels. But to ensure maximum value for money and durability, make sure you buy your labels from a respected manufacturer with a long history of designing and producing premium products.

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