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Labelling clothes and personal possessions is a simple and quick way to prevent accidental swaps and lost property. My Nametags creates easy-to-use name labels that combine practicality with durability.

When you label your clothes, you need to know that you can easily re-label them if you plan to give them away in the future. But you also need to know that the label you use can withstand everyday use and several washing cycles. Easy-to-use name stick-on labels are the perfect solution.

Our brilliant clothing stickers are designed to remain in place on branding and care labels for as long as you own the garment. And unlike both sew-on and iron-on alternatives, they can be removed and replaced in seconds.

We also supply highly durable iron-on labels that ‘melt’ into fabric with the use of a standard domestic iron — perfect for permanently labelling clothes.

Whether you’re labelling clothes or your children’s school equipment, our easy-to-use name labels are as practical as they are effective.

Easy-to-use iron-on name labels

Labelling clothes in a way that’s both stylish and durable isn’t easy — unless you have the right tools for the job. That’s why so many people are turning to the easy-to-use iron-on name labels from My Nametags.

Using a domestic iron or a pair of hair straighteners, you can label jumpers, trousers, school ties, shirts and much, much more in a matter of seconds. And because our premium iron-on labels are designed to ‘melt’ into fabric, they’re a permanent solution to the age-old problem of mixed-up or lost school and nursery clothing. The labels are also perfect for care homes, as we offer a ten year guarantee that our iron on labels will not fall off in the wash.

Easy-to-use stick-on name labels

If you want a semi-permanent way to label clothes, easy-to-use stick-on labels are perfect. Place them on the care or brand label of the garment, and they will remain in place forever.

But what makes stick-on name labels a better option than the iron-on varieties is the ability to remove them when you give the garment to someone else.

Our easy-to-use labels are produced with premium PVC and inks — so they won’t fade or become dislodged after a few washing cycles.

Personalised name labels for shoes

Our name labels are very quick and easy to use on shoes too. Just put a name sticker on the sole of the shoe under the heel, and the shoe will be returned to you it if is lost.

How to order easy to use name stickers

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Why Chose My Nametags?


Queen’s Award Winner

We were presented with the a Queen's Award by HRH King Charles III (then The Prince of Wales) in recognition of bringing quality and innovative products to international markets.


Happy Customers

Because of our commitment to first rate service and quality products, we have a near 100% customer satisfaction rating in multiple countries which is unmatched in the nametag market.


Never Falls off

Our Colour Name Stickers will stay stuck after being put in the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, or microwave countless times. Also, there is no need to clean them, they're antimicrobial!


Promoting Sustainability

A total of 1.4 million lost school uniforms (354 tonnes of plastic) ends up in landfill each year in the UK (My Nametags, 2020). Help our planet now by labelling to prevent loss.

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How do you stick on labels?

If you’re labelling equipment, you should be able to position a sticky label anywhere. If you’re labelling clothes, however, you’ll need to place the sticker on the garment’s care label.

Are stick-on or iron-on labels better?

This really depends on what you’re labelling. If you’re labelling clothes you want to give away in the future, the best option is to place a sticker on the care or brand label.

Iron-on labels are permanent. While they’re the most resilient option available, they’re designed to ‘melt’ permanently into the fabric of a garment.

Which labels stick the best?

The most effective, easy-to-use name labels are stickers made with premium PVC and waterproof inks. They are designed to be easy to apply, remain in place, and they won’t fade or wear out after a few washes.

What other products does My Nametags offer?

My Nametags makes the best and easiest to use name labels in the world. We have tested our labels against all the main products available, and we are confident that we offer you the highest quality name labels available. We do a few other products like wall stickers and personalised door stickers, but we prefer to focus on one thing. You will not find a list of other products like personalised gift bags, wristbands personalised gift labels in paper etc - we do name labels and we do them really well.