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personalised name sticker for pencils, pens, crayons and other school supplies, on a yellow background

Perfect labels for equipment and clothing. Fun and easy to use!

What are colour sticker name tags?

My Nametags name labels will help you keep track of your child’s clothes and belongings. Our colour sticker nametags are our most versatile and popular product, as they are easy to use, and look great too! They are designed to withstand the rigours of daily school life which makes them ideal labels for school, plus they are fully washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and microwave proof, once applied, they’ll stay forever! Application takes seconds, you’ll have all your children's clothes and toys labelled in no time!

How can I design colour sticker name labels?

Our name labels are 100% personalisable, we have loads of designs - design your own labels here! You will be able to choose from our range of colours, designs and fonts to create the perfect label for the child that is going through their astronaut phase, the one that is crazy about animals and even the one that keeps forgetting to mention that they are allergic to something!

We also have Mr Men & Little Miss Characters or Hello Kitty designs available, take a look at our exclusive range of stickers and iron on labels.

What size are the school name labels?

Each set contains 56 personalised name tags in the size 30 x 13 mm. This size is perfect for the care label of clothing, but also fits well on your children's equipment such as mobile phone chargers, and everyday school supplies like lunch boxes, drinking bottles and other items that are taken in and out of the home. Label everything to ensure the kids clothing and toys never get lost again.

Why choose My Nametags?

My Nametags labels are the only antibacterial labels in the market! We cover our colour stickers with an antibacterial layer which kills any bacteria that may be on the surface of the labels. Our colour stickers are tested to be antibacterial by the Industrial Microbiological Services and have been awarded a certificate under ISO 22196 (Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces). Our name labels are also the best in the market - we use the best material and adhesive to ensure your labels stay stuck and resist abrasion.

Where can I use these stick on name labels?

Name stickers for school

My Nametags stickers can be used for labelling everything your child will bring to school. From school uniform to pencils to shoes, these name stickers are perfect.

Name stickers for clothes

You can put the stick on name labels on clothing, and the labels will stay on in the wash. Just stick the label to the care label on the garment.

Name stickers for glasses

Glasses can be easy to forget or lose, but with My Nametags labels on the case and the temples (the arms), there is no question who the glasses belong to.

Name stickers for bottles

Water bottles, lunch boxes and other items can be lost at school or nursery, or just when out playing with friends. Put a My Nametags sticker on each item, and everything will come home with your child.

Name tag stickers are perfect as shoe labels

Let's not forget that these labels are the perfect shoe labels. ust stick them to the sole of the shoe and there will be no confusion.

Order 1 set of 56 labels for £13.95

Our colour stickers are suitable for:

  • Name tags for Stationery


  • Name tags for School uniform (care label)

    School uniform
    (care label)

  • Name tags for Shoes


  • Name tags for Baby equipment

    Baby equipment

  • Name tags for Toys


  • Name tags for Clothing (care label)

    (care label)

  • Name tags for Sports/PE Gear

    Sports/PE Gear

We have the best name labels in the world

  • High quality

    We pride ourselves in making labels of the highest quality. We use the best possible material and adhesive, which has been tested and re-tested to ensure our labels stay stuck and resist abrasion.

  • Last longer

    Our nametags are made to last. They endure the rigours of daily school life, remain in place, can go in washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves and still look great!

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We have an almost 100% customer satisfaction rating, unmatched in the nametag market. We are confident that you will love our labels too and will be happy to assist should you encounter any issues.

  • sustainability


    Labelling your child's items means these are more likely to be returned when lost. A small label can prevent parents from having to rebuy items, encourages reusing and reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

Get started!

Design your colour stickers now, or choose from our other products.

Order 1 set of 56 sticker labels for £13.95

  • Why choose colour stickers nametags?

    • Colour sticker nametags are a great choice for busy parents or carers. Each set comes with 56 beautiful, colourful labels which can be applied to clothing care labels or other items in seconds. We honestly believe that our labels are the most versatile, high quality labels on the market. Not only will the labels remain in place in washing machines and dishwashers, but they are also steriliser-proof. They are flexible enough to bend around bottles or around the edges of lunchboxes. One label with many uses means that there is no need to order combination packs!

      There are thousands of options for customisation, allowing you to create a distinctive, vibrant label which will ensure that things don’t go missing. Many of our customers tell us that designing labels with their children is a fun activity too! We recommend placing a contact number, class name or room number on the colour sticker labels to ensure any lost items make it back to their owner.

  • Reviews of our labels

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    My Nametags Feefo reviews Gold Trusted Service Award
  • Shipping and Payment

    • Delivery to UK

      You usually receive the nametags within one week of receiving your internet order, but please count 10 days to be sure as it may take up to 48 hours for your order to be produced. One set of nametags will cost £13.95.

    • Payment

      We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also pay via Paypal. Payment is securely handled by Adyen.

      Payment Methods

    • International delivery

      We deliver anywhere in the world at no extra cost.
      We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside of Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode within the address.

      International deliveries

      The fastest way to order is through the internet, and we usually produce the orders the same day we receive it. We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode in the address.

      International letters and accents

      We are able to do most international accents (e.g. French accents, Icelandic letters). We can do Western European accents on all our labels, while Eastern European and other letters only work on our black and white Classic Nametags. So, if it displays correctly on the preview nametags, we will be able to print it. For Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and other non-Western alphabets, you will need to use our ‘narrow’ font.

  • Instructions for Use

    • How to use colour stickers?

      On Clothing
      1. Firmly stick the nametag to the care label – not suitable for fabric.
      2. Allow 24 hours before washing the item.
      3. Stickers are washing machine safe up to 60°.

      On Equipment
      1. Stick the label to a clean and dry hard surface.
      2. Allow 24 hours before placing the item in a dishwasher.

    • Where to put name tags

      Name tags should be applied to an area of the item which will be immediately visible should it go missing. We suggest applying our colour sticker nametags to the care label, on the side, inside clothing. Labels can also be placed inside shoes or on items such as lunch boxes or water bottles. Iron-on labels should be applied directly to the fabric.

    • Do I need to sew in labels?

      Sew-in labels should be applied to clothing, visible to anyone who might find the item of clothing, such as in the collar or the waistband. However, sewing in tapes is a time-consuming process and these labels are liable to wear or come unstitched. This is why sticker and iron-on labels have been created. These can be applied in seconds, to save busy parents time.

  • FAQ

    • Which name tags should I choose?

      We believe there is a nametag out there for everyone! Deciding which type is perfect for you depends on where you would like to use them and how colourful you'd like them to be.

      Our colour stickers are the most versatile as they are suitable for items (stationery, books, pens etc) and clothing, and are available in a wide range of designs. If you want to attach the labels directly to fabrics however, it might be worth considering the iron-on name tags. For more information click here to see our range of name tags.

    • What size are name tags?

      Name tags are generally small in size, yet large enough for the text on them to be readable. Our standard labels are 30 x13mm. This is big enough for them to be easy to read and identify, and means that they can fit on most items such as coats, jumpers and stationery. Our Ministickers are 16x3mm and should therefore be used on smaller items like keys or stationery. And our Maxistickers are bigger, if you want a bigger label.

    • Why use custom name labels?

      Name tags are a simple solution to the problem of lost property. Simply applying them to clothing or other items such as shoes or lunch boxes can ensure that they don’t go missing. It is a good idea to add a phone number to the labels, to help if someone finds the lost items.

    • How do I use the labels?

      Head over to our Instructions for Use page for detailed help on how to use nametags.

    • My order hasn’t arrived

      Don't panic! We tell all customers to allow 10 WORKING days for deliveries. We use Royal Mail First Class postage, and while this will usually ensure your labels arrive the next day, it can be subject to postage delays out of our control. If your order still hasn't arrived after this time then please contact and we'll be happy to help.

    • I need to correct a mistake

      Accidents do happen! If you make made a mistake when placing your order, or want to edit your delivery details, please get in touch with us within 10 minutes of placing the order and we'll be able to help. You can reach us on

    • What if I’m not satisfied with My Nametags?

      We pride ourselves on offering the best labels and customer service in the business, if you are unhappy with your labels, for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us

    • Can I split a set of labels?

      We cannot split a set of labels to have more than one name. Due to the way the labels are produced it just isn't possible.

    • Do you ship overseas?

      Yes. We send labels all over the world on a daily basis.

    • Can I use international letters and accents?

      We are able to do most international accents (e.g. French accents, Icelandic letters). We can do Western European accents on all of our labels, while Eastern European and other letters only work on our black and white Classic Nametags. If it displays correctly on the nametag preview, we will be able to print it. We recommend the narrow font if you are using special characters or accents (for more information on this, please see our Delivery Page). As a general rule, if you can see the correct letter in our preview, we can print it.

    • How to design name tags

      It is possible to design name tags online with ease, just use our design tool. Name tags can be customised with colourful designs to make for a unique and recognisable name tag. It is a good idea to add a phone number to the labels, to help if someone finds the lost items.