Design your Height Chart


Order a set of Height Charts for £30.95

Space rocket height chart preview

One moment they are crawling around on the floor, the next you are dropping them off at school. Children grow so quickly and with the help of our decorative height charts you can easily follow just how much they are growing. With My Nametags you are able to get a fun and colourful height chart in your child’s favourite design which you can personalise with their name and/or date of birth.

Is your child growing at rocket speed? With this height chart, you can watch as your child shoots up, soon they will be taller than you!

The set contains a self-adhesive height chart and several small decorative elements within the space theme. The height chart, as well as the other elements act as a sticker and can be easily attached to walls, doors and cabinets. The rocket height chart, which is the largest element in this set, is 187 cm long and 37 cm wide.

The decor is made of a flexible material that does not stretch or damage the wall. They sit best on smooth surfaces, but can also work on lightly textured surfaces.

The height chart follows the child from 50 to 160 cm. To get an accurate measurement, you should place the height chart at the correct height on the wall using the ruler we provide. This ruler is 50 cm long and also works as a sticker. You should apply it on the wall from the floor and then place the height chart at the top end of it so there is 50 cm from the height chart and the floor. Make sure the height chart starts where the ruler ends. Do not worry if you do not get it right on the first try, the stickers can be easily removed and reapplied afterwards, leaving no marks on the wall. Once you have the height chart in place remove the ruler.

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