Lars B Andersen - founder of My Nametags

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Lars B. Andersen grew up in Norway, reading economics at a French university and completing a tri-lingual MBA in Paris-Oxford-Berlin. He then moved to London to work in finance, mostly technology mergers & acquisitions and insurance. In 2004, Lars founded My Nametags out of the need to label his own children’s clothing. Since then, his goal has been to create the best labels in the world.

My Nametags was startet in Lars' living room, whilst his children were at nursery. Slowly the business grew and moved to a proper office. Since then, My Nametags has grown to sell worldwide to over 140 countries.

Outside of work, Lars is busy with a number of charities. He has been a Master of a Livery company in the City of London, you can learn more about it here.

News Quotes

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Andersen commented: As a UK company, we were incredibly honored to be recognized for our success in global markets. The reception saw the coming together of representatives from equally inspiring and growing businesses throughout the country, and to meet with so many was incredibly exciting. With an office move planned this week to keep up with growth, we cannot wait to see what the future will bring for My Nametags.

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Lars B Andersen, managing director at My Nametags, said: “We know that a person’s name can really paint a picture of the type of person they are, which is why naming a child can be such a difficult task. It can be easy to be put off a name because we dislike some who shares it, or it has negative associations. But our research shows deep rooted stereotypes are almost completely unfounded.

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Founder and Managing Director at My Nametags Lars B. Andersen said: 'We were interested to find out what traits accomplished women have today, in comparison to previous generations, after seeing a surge in demand for stick-on name labels for school uniforms, rather than the traditional sew-on labels.
It seems we place less importance on these skills as being an accomplished woman today is much more about being happy, financially independent and having a good group of friends'.