Shoes come in all shapes and sizes and My Nametags colour stickers come in an array of colours and unique designs to help you choose the label that's just right for your little ones feet.



As all parents know, children get through many pairs of shoes when they’re growing, particularly once they start school and are involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities. For example, a typical child could have school shoes, trainers, wellies, summer sandals, ballet or other dance shoes, football boots, riding boots, and fashionable shoes they wear at home.

Children often also find themselves in situations where they need to take their shoes off – in changing rooms, soft play centres, birthday parties, at the park, and school activities. This can mean that shoes are easily lost, misplaced, or accidentally taken home by another child or parent. After all, we’ve all experienced the confusion when collecting our child from school or a birthday party and found our child isn’t wearing the clothes and shoes you sent them in! This is why labelling your child’s clothes and shoes is important, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours with a pen writing on labels or sewing tags into hems.

My Nametags: the perfect shoe label

As parents your time is precious, and even if you have a spare few minutes, you’re not going to want to spend that time writing your child’s name into every pair of shoes they own. Equally, a pen isn’t the best way to label your child’s shoes as pen marks fade and are easily rubbed off when shoes are worn frequently. Our Colour Sticker Nametags are specifically designed to be durable and rub resistant, making them ideal for labelling all styles of shoe. No more scribbling in shoes with a marker pen! In just a few seconds you can stick the shoe labels to the inside of the shoe and you won’t have to worry about not being able to find your child’s footwear in a pile of others again. The flexible and durable material used means that you can place the shoe label on the tongue of the shoe as a more discreet way of labelling shoes, although this would make the shoes less easy to spot if they’re in a pile of other shoes. As the shoe labels from My Nametags are so durable, we’re confident that your child’s shoes will wear out before the sticker does. There’s no risk that the writing will fade or rub off and you don’t need to use shoe protectors to protect the shoe sticker even if you put the shoe label inside the heel of the shoe.

You can choose from thousands of designs, fonts, and backgrounds to personalise the nametags and make them easily recognisable. There’s room for three lines of text on each label, allowing space for your name, your child’s name, and your contact details. This makes it easier and more likely for shoes to be returned to you if they go home with another child by accident.

Our customers say...
"Great colours and picture choices. My 2 girls designed their own which they loved doing. I have purchased these nametags before, they are applied in seconds and have remained in place after lots of washing."
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