How To Put Name Stickers on Water Bottles 

Nowadays, most children own water bottles, which often look very similar, which is why they get mixed up in busy environments. Just picture this – your child has picked up the wrong water bottle at school after swapping it with another similar-looking item. It can happen to any of us, especially little ones, who don’t often pay attention to the finer details. This is why our company has dedicated itself to crafting a solution to this problem: durable name stickers for your children’s possessions! 

Not only are name stickers aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a functional solution to misplaced and lost possessions at school, parties, or clubs that your child might attend regularly. Here at My Nametags, we provide customers with a product that can help parents mark all their children’s possessions, preventing irritating and unneeded mix-ups for good. 

The quickest and most efficient way to print your child’s name on a water bottle is to generate a personalised water bottle sticker through our site at My Nametags. Here, you can utilise your creativity to design your own label and order it, putting the rest of the work in the hands of our expert printing team.  

 How to put a name sticker on a child’s water bottle 

Putting one of our My Nametags’ name stickers on a water bottle is easy. Simply peel and stick the label onto the dry surface of the bottle. It’s that straightforward! After all, a water-resistant, durable sticky tag should last as long as your child’s bottle, meaning you shouldn’t need to be concerned about replacing it. 

What qualities your water bottle name sticker should have 


The name sticker you choose to place on a water bottle should be of high quality, staying firmly in place even after various washes in the dishwasher and not showing signs of falling off. Luckily, My Nametags’ name sticker product has a ten-year guarantee, meaning that you can put your marked-up water bottle in the wash with complete peace of mind. Additionally, we ensure the ink we use will not run. 


Your name sticker must be flexible enough to fit around a water bottle’s curved shape.  


We know water bottles get battered in jumbled-up schoolbags, which is why we utilise a special plastic material called PVC, which boasts water-resistant and durable qualities. This material includes no BPAs but still stands up to the daily battering of chaotic school life! 


Hopefully, you’ve gained a little bit of a better idea about how you can start applying suitable name stickers to your child’s water bottle today. Not only can you benefit from our offered product’s quality and value for money, but you and your kid can also embrace the fun and creativity of designing your own personalised labels. The possibilities are endless! 

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