Personalised Shoe Labels

Here at My Nametags, our expert team of designers have managed to create a product suitable for any type of shoe imaginable. These name tags can efficiently be designed, delivered, and stuck onto your child’s shoe to ensure that the finder can quickly return the footwear to you if it ever gets lost.

Would you like to know something even better? This shoe label product can be personalised on our website, meaning that every parent and child can create a design that offers complete excitement, creativity, and satisfaction. Read on to learn more and start benefiting from what our company can do for you today!

How to personalise your shoe labels with My Nametags

How to personalise the nametags you put in a pair of shoes is a straightforward process with our website. You are able to personalise your stick-on nametags by choosing a name and one of our several design options on our specialised Design Tool. Once you’ve selected your customisable choices, our experienced team takes care of the rest by printing your specifically chosen stickers with the quality printing equipment we have available to us.

After your order has been placed, we even deliver them to your front door within just a few days for your utmost convenience. Even better, you can use these labels for multiple things. As well as sticking them on your children’s shoes, you can also utilise them on school uniform pieces, other garments, and lunchbox tins.

Creativity around customising your shoe labels

With the Design Tool on My Nametags, you can get your child excited about labelling up their shoes, stationery, clothes, and even toys. Our designers have worked tirelessly to generate a range of suitable and appealing designs for every child out there. These include a coloured label, a black and white label, a mini sticker, or even something more branded, such as a Hello Kitty or Mr Men & Little Miss design. The most popular designs we celebrate on our site include the monkey, rainbow, pirate flag, football, and unicorn designs, amongst many others!

Why you should invest in our customisable products

When investing in a customisable nametag like the ones provided by us, you can easily keep track of your children’s shoes like never before. After all, many kids wear similar types of footwear at school due to uniform policies. So, it’s all too simple to get them mixed up whenever they’re getting changed, meaning they may come home wearing somebody else’s shoes. However, with our name stickers, your child’s shoes can be returned in no time, and any possibility of a mix-up happening is greatly reduced – especially when you use one of our fun and original custom designs.


So, as you’ll be able to tell, creating a stick-on shoe label with My Nametags is more than just a simple process – it is a fun and exciting journey in which everyone can get involved! With imaginations being able to run wild, you’ll be investing in something more than a simple stick-on label. Read more about our shoe name stickers and start getting stuck into creativity!

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