What Is an Iron-On Sticker? 

Picture the scenario: your child has come home from school with someone else’s water bottle, jacket, lunchbox, or any other possession, accidentally misplacing it for their own. It can happen to anyone, especially children, who don’t often pay attention to the little details of their products. It’s all too simple to get things mixed up, which is why our team have designed iron-on nametag stickers to help solve this problem! 

Many parents struggle to choose between iron-on labels and stick-on nametags when it comes to labelling their child’s possessions. Thus, use this article to become fully informed about what iron-on tags actually are and what they can bring to the table. This will ensure that you make the correct purchase decision. 

What are iron-on labels? 

Iron-on labels at My Nametags are nametag labels which can be ironed onto various fabrics with heat. In the process, iron-on nametags are melted onto the fabric of your child’s possessions, making sure they remain firmly intact even in the hottest wash cycles. 

These types of stickers aren’t very sticky when you place them onto a piece of clothing, but the adhesive on the label’s back bonds it to the product’s surface when it is activated with heat. Individuals should leave the iron-on sticker for at least one day before utilising it, ensuring that the glue will perform optimally. 

The advantages of iron-on labels 

So, why are iron-on labels so fantastic? Look below to find out! 

For starters, iron-on labels are incredibly versatile and durable. At My Nametags, our team has ensured that the product can be washed various times, ensuring they will stay stuck on garments or other possessions for as long as they are in use. Since our nametags can withstand extremely high washing temperatures, they can be used in countless settings, including family households and care homes.  

Additionally, they are easy to apply. All you require is a hot hair straightener or iron – and that’s it! This is highly convenient for parents who are rushed off their feet and can’t afford to spend much time searching for a solution to lost possessions. My Nametags make things simple for everyone! 

The disadvantages of iron-on labels 

Now that you know why iron-on labels are so great, you should balance this out by learning about a couple of drawbacks. 

The primary drawback of these types of nametags is that they are permanent. Since the labels are so durable, it would be difficult to take them off and replace them with another name. This might be tricky if you intend to pass a product on to a younger sibling or a charity shop. 

Furthermore, the iron-on product is only suitable for utilisation on fabrics. Therefore, you can’t apply an iron-on label to everything you may want to. 


After learning a little more about iron-on stickers, hopefully, you can make the right purchasing decision to suit your personal needs. Our expert team operates tirelessly to produce appealing, durable, and long-lasting stickers that can be ironed onto various items. So, if you’d like to know a little more, click here and discover what our services at My Nametags can offer you! 

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