Name Stickers for School Supplies 

Imagine that your kid has brought another student’s stationery home from school. Does this sound familiar? This situation happens more often than you first might think. With pens, pencils, rubbers, and rulers all looking similar – and even identical – it’s sometimes easy for them to get mixed up when it comes to picking items up and packing them away in a rush. 

If you’ve experienced this kind of accidental mix-up with your own child, don’t worry – there’s a simple solution to prevent this. Our team at My Nametags has created name stickers that parents can place on possessions to make them identifiable. When you start labelling possessions, accidental swaps become less frequent – and even if they do happen to go missing, they will be easier to track down. Thus, with personalised name stickers for school supplies, you can kiss goodbye to lost stationery, textbooks, and uniforms for good! 

What school supplies can you place our name stickers on? 

You can place the labels we craft at My Nametags on a range of school supplies. This includes all your child’s stationery items, including pencils, pens, rubbers, rulers, protractors, pencil sharpeners, coloured pens, and more! You can also label any textbooks belonging to your child – this is wise since books can often be expensive. Furthermore, you can place one of our name stickers on other supplies, such as water bottles, garments, and shoes. 

My Nametags: the best labels for school supplies 

So, why should you invest in the stick-on labels produced by My Nametags over other alternatives? Well, our team at My Nametags takes pride in making the best regarding durability and longevity. We use quality printing processes, non-running ink, and premium PVC plastic to create our name stickers, meaning they last as long as the items you stick them on. 

As well as being able to survive countless washes and unavoidable friction, our labels can also come in a range of unique designs. We allow customers to add colour schemes, names, and extra design features to their labels to make them as original as possible. After we’ve created these unique designs, all you need to do is peel and stick your tag onto the school supplies of your choice. Just ensure that if you place our name stickers on pieces of clothing, put them on the special care label instead of the fabric for optimal results. 


In conclusion, we hope you understand how effective our specially designed name stickers are for labelling your child’s school supplies. Our team operates tirelessly to produce name stickers which scream high quality and offer a solution to the issue of irritating mix-ups in the classroom. If you want to ensure your little one brings home the possessions you paid for, it’s time to make an intelligent investment. Click here to learn more and embark on a creative and fun design process today! 

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