Using Iron-On or Sticker Name Labels in A Care Home 

Do you have a relative in or going into a care home? If you do, there are many things you need to consider – including something as simple as making their clothes identifiable, so they don’t happen to get mixed up in the wash! 

The problem 

Care homes cater to vast numbers of individuals, all of who need assistance when it comes to the chore of laundry. Unfortunately for care home workers, many of the residents’ garments typically look similar, meaning it’s all too easy to get them mixed up with each other when it comes to distributing the clothes back out to their owners. 

Aside from clothes, care home residents may fall victim to getting other types of possessions mixed up, too – including glasses cases, pill dispensers, and other everyday items you might find in one of these types of accommodation blocks. 

So, with many items being at risk of accidental swaps and mix-ups, you may want to invest in a long-lasting solution that will put all these worries at ease: labelling things with identifiable nametags! 

Why you should invest in My Nametags 

My Nametags is run by an expert team that knows what qualities best suit nametags. We create durable, waterproof, and long-lasting labels with ink which doesn’t run (unlike the low-quality alternatives!). There’s no need to spend time and effort sewing a tag onto a garment with our products – with either iron-on or stick-on solutions, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. Let’s take a look at each type in more detail. 

Iron-on labels 

Our iron-on labels are designed to withstand incredibly high temperatures in laundry wash cycles, making them durable enough to survive the lifespan of your relative’s garments. It’s simple to iron the label onto a range of fabric pieces, with the heat activating the glue of the sticker, causing it to stick down firmly in place. 

Stick-on nametags 

Stick-on nametags are more suited to products which aren’t made of fabric, including your relative’s glasses case and pill dispenser. The stick-on tags we generate at My Nametags are incredibly simple to peel and stick onto countless possessions. They are even of a high enough quality to survive many washes, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about the label washing off if you want to wipe your relative’s items down. Additionally, our stick-on labels can actually be placed on care labels in garments, so it might be worth using an iron-on tag for smaller-sized clothes (such as socks) that don’t have a care label. 


So, it might be worthwhile investing in the products that My Nametags can offer you today. By marking your relative’s clothing and other possessions with a clear, identifiable name, you have the power to stop items from going missing! Click here to learn more and start making the care home process easier today.  

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