How Do My Nametags Make the Best Name Stickers  

Imagine the situation: your child has come home from school after a particularly tiring PE lesson and hasn’t paid attention to the item of clothing they’ve picked back up in the changing room. It’s easy for kids to mix possessions up when they look similar or identical, particularly with school uniform items. 

This is why our company, My Nametags, has designed a solution to any unwanted mix-ups of important possessions: durable name stickers designed to help your child clearly identify their own items! 

Our sticky labels help items stand out with customisable names and countless crafty designs. By making your very own personalised label that your child can get excited about, they are likelier to put on their own clothing items and pack away their own possessions rather than choosing another student’s products. 

The best name stickers on the block 

Here at My Nametags, we take pride in selling the best name stickers parents could choose for their children! Take a look at the nametag qualities below to explore why this is the case. 

Flexible yet resistant 

Our name stickers are flexible enough to bend around curved shapes, making them ideal for items like water bottles. However, the great thing about these labels is that, despite being bendable, they are also resistant, meaning they’ll last as long as the possessions do! No matter how much your kid bashes their water bottle around in their schoolbag, the name sticker placed upon it will remain intact for years to come. 

Good glue that stays on for years 

As mentioned above, our company takes pride in the fact that our name stickers will last as long as the products they are placed on. One of the problems busy parents face with other brands is that sticky nametag labels often come loose in the wash. However, our name stickers are certainly washable, with premium PVC and glue keeping the tag firmly in place, despite how many wash cycles it is subjected to. This also applies to experiencing friction in schoolbags. Our team guarantees that the name stickers will withstand dishwasher cycles, and you can access a 10-year guarantee with every single purchase you make! 

Excellent ink that is not rubbed off 

Another issue many consumers face with low-quality paper nametags is the fact that the ink often runs. However, the name stickers we manufacture in the UK incorporate premium inks and other materials, making sure that they never fade. 

Tested labels against all competitors 

Another thing we’ve ensured is that our name stickers stand above competing brands. For example, we have been given the Queen’s Award from King Charles III, which celebrates our complete commitment to providing premium stick-on labels for garments and other possessions. In fact, we are the only name sticker business which has received the Queen’s Award, enabling us to stand out as the only business that puts quality and durability first regarding name stickers! 

We take pride in providing the best name stickers across the UK, dedicating a multitude of time, effort, and cash to materials and professional manufacturing processes designed to last an incredibly long time. 

We have been recognised for our efforts in various areas of our industry. This includes producing consistent quality, generating outstanding foreign export statistics, having an unwavering commitment to sustainability, and ensuring we use a silver-based antimicrobial coating on every single one of our name stickers. Our sticky labels are here to stick around! 


All in all, our team takes pride in creating the best name stickers out there – and we hope you can see why we are the best. Here at My Nametags, we can provide you and your children with a fantastic solution to pesky school item mix-ups with durable materials and affordable prices. If you want to learn more about why My Nametags excels ahead of our competitors, click here

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