Name Stickers for Kids 

Let’s face it: children end up losing their possessions all the time, especially in chaotic places like school classrooms. Thus, the name stickers we’ve created at My Nametags serve the purpose of avoiding accidental mix-ups and abandoned items. By making your child’s possessions clearly identifiable with a name and a standout design, you can help children of all ages bring back all their possessions at the end of a long day. 

So, why should you invest in My Nametags? 

As a recognised name sticker company, our team takes pride in producing fully-customisable, durable, and long-lasting products for children at different stages of their lives. Whether they are toddlers taking on the world for the first time, primary school children, or even teenagers, we can help make their lives a little easier today. Our stickers stay firmly in position despite daily exposure to friction and wash cycles. Indeed, we guarantee that these labels will last as long as your child’s possessions last – and you’ll never have to sew a tag onto a piece of clothing ever again! 

Name stickers for babies 

You still have to identify your baby’s possessions, even if they won’t pay attention to them. Luckily, our name stickers can help you recognise items and stop them from being swapped out. Caring for your baby on a daily basis can be an extremely difficult task, so why not make your life a little easier? You can prepare yourself more thoroughly when you’re out and about by identifying your baby’s possessions with labels. 

Name stickers for toddlers 

You may know that social time can get a little busy and chaotic if you have a toddler. It’s all too easy for toddlers to get their possessions mixed up on playdates or during nursery, so utilising personalised name stickers can help teach your little ones the value of looking after their own things. 

Name stickers for schoolchildren 

As children transition from nursery to primary school, they begin to gain awareness of their personal preferences. Children can enhance their creativity and learn to express themselves by growing their opinions and selecting their favourite style of name stickers. So, you might want to involve your kid in the creative method of creating one of our name labels. 

Name stickers for teenagers 

Teenagers typically tend to avoid name stickers because they view them as childish. However, the fact remains that this age group still loses things. This means that choosing a basic print with no images or colourful designs might be the way forward in this situation. These name stickers can be subtle but still do the job of stopping items from going missing. 


Overall, it would be best if you did not underestimate the power of our name stickers available at My Nametags for children of all age groups. Click here to discover how you can help your children learn how to look after their belongings today! 

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