What Nametags Go on Books? 

Suppose your child takes books to and from school and is at risk of mixing them up with another student’s book. This accident happens to the best of us – especially when possessions look similar or even almost identical. Thus, to avoid any unwanted mix-ups, you might want to think about resolving this problem. 

So, what can you do? 

Here at My Nametags, we’ve created a solution to the irritating mix-ups your kids are subjected to on a daily basis. Our sticky nametag labels can help make possessions identifiable by unique names and designs, meaning that your child is likelier to pick up the correct product when it comes to packing their schoolbag up in a rush. 

Why should you choose My Nametags to help you? 

By this point, you might be wondering why My Nametags fit the bill when it comes to resolving this problem. After all, there are many stick-on labels you can choose from, right? Well, our expert team guarantees durability, practicality, and long lifespans with every nametag they produce. 

They work tirelessly to ensure that our company labels will last as long as your child’s possessions do. Indeed, cheap, low-quality tags don’t seem to stand the test of time when being battered about in the depths of children’s chaotic schoolbags. By being subjected to a large amount of friction, labels’ text tends to rub off. This means that the better value labels are those that display high quality in the long run. With high-quality, non-running ink, you can have the peace of mind that your child’s book label will remain intact for years to come – no matter what your child throws at it! 

Placing the label on a book 

It’s incredibly straightforward to peel and stick our nametags on possessions of all kinds. But when it comes to sticking your label onto your child’s book, you need to keep several things in mind. For example, you need to ensure that the label is clearly visible on the book to avoid any unwanted swaps at school. Thus, you might want to consider placing a coloured label on the back cover. We have many accessible designs on our site that can help you create an eye-catching label to capture any child’s attention. By creating a unique, bright layout, not only can you have a fantastic amount of fun in the design process, but you can also draw attention to who the book actually belongs to. 


So, as you’ll be able to tell, My Nametags can offer you and your child an exceptional solution when it comes to solving the problem of book mix-ups. It’s time to avoid cheap paper labels and invest in a durable material that is designed to last. Click here to become one step closer to benefiting from our unique labels today! 

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