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If you’re looking for the best name stickers for shoes, you may want to check out a company like ours: My Nametags. We dedicate our hard work to helping parents protect their kids’ footwear. Having truly understood how expensive school shoes and trainers can be in these present times, we wanted to develop something that any parent can depend on.

So, read on if you’d like to know more about what our stickers can offer you!

Why are our name stickers the best ones out there? Read on if you’re intrigued by our product! It’s time to discover why we are ahead of our competition.

Durability and simplicity

You can easily apply our nametags to the heel or sole of a shoe in seconds. You don’t need to buy anything else when you have our stickers at hand. Indeed, these tested peel-and-stick nametags can be utilised on any type of footwear you could think of. Made with high-quality materials and carefully constructed designs, we are confident that our customisable shoe labels will stay firmly intact for the entire lifespan of the shoes they serve to protect.


What’s more exciting to a child than something they can customise as their very own? When ordering your shoe stickers from our company, you can personalise the stickers by picking a name and a design of your choice. You could even incorporate these customisable designs into other things, such as school uniforms, different types of clothing, and even a lunch box! After this fun process, we’ll take care of the rest, using state-of-the-art printing equipment to generate the design that has left your child’s imagination running wild.

Utilise them everywhere

Labelling all your kids’ shoes allows each footwear product to be identified whenever you go out and about on a new adventure. You can rely on us to generate a high-quality, rub-resistant name stick that can serve this purpose. After all, you’ll want to depend on qualities such as rub resistance and water resistance if your child loves exploring, running about, and living life to the full!

Suitable for children

Our simple design tool can allow you to create a nametag which is exciting and appealing to your children. Here at My Nametags, we use colours and fonts that make our labels fun and easy to read for children of various ages. If this isn’t enough, we guarantee that all our stickers have a non-fade feature, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them over time!


One of the best things about our shoe name stickers is that they can easily be kept out of view, ensuring that they don’t impact the look of any shoe or breach school uniform rules. The best place to stick one of our nametags is by the heel, flat on the sole. So, if a shoe becomes lost, it will be straightforward for the finder to view and read the shoe’s sticker. You may also consider putting the label under the shoe’s tongue. Placing it here will prevent the tag from rubbing as much, although someone will be less likely to spot it if they find a lost shoe.


Hopefully, you have become aware of how beneficial our shoe name stickers are. By incorporating carefully considered features into our designs, you can rest assured that your children’s shoes will always find a way back home! Click to learn more about our shoe stickers today!

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