Ready Steady School – BIG school in a box!

Getting ready to start and progress through Reception is not just about turning up on the first day. It’s about families preparing together to make that transition into school a smooth and positive one. With the right tools you can help your child’s personal, social and learning skills develop and grow so they start school and progress with confidence from the very beginning.

From September onwards teachers have their own challenges to face. Just imagine 30 four year olds at the end of a tiring school day putting on coats, fastening shoes and packing book bags – all personal challenges in their own right. By practising skills such as dressing and fastenings before children start school they develop the independence needed to function effectively in the new school environment. Imagine the reward for the child who puts on and fastens their own shoes and coat and is first out of the door to play.

Ready Steady School is on a mission to help your child feel smart and confident from day one at BIG school. Developed by 2 highly experienced Early Years teachers, Tom and Pom boxes are personalised and contain illustrated, easy to follow task cards and educationally sound, fun, interactive activities for you to share with your little one.

Their Starting School Box builds on basic skills by practising simple everyday tasks helping your little one develop confidence and independence. Their Letters and sounds Box contains all the tools to support learning how to read and write.


Achieve a flying start to school and check out the blog for more ideas and support.

You can enter our Facebook give-away here to be in with a chance of winning one of these BIG personalised boxes – and a set of our personalised colour stickers to make sure you kick start the new school year!


Read more about preparing for back to school with My Nametags.

Summer Essentials for Kids – win travel games!

With the holidays almost here (and a mum of four kids myself) I thought it might be helpful to list those key “must have” items kids will need over the summer. Whether your toddler or tween is attending holiday clubs or going on holiday it’s always handy to have a backpack with all those essential items in …named of course!

To get you off to a great start this summer, we’ve teamed up with Orchard Toys who will give away six of their new mini games to one lucky My Nametags newsletter reader. All you have to do is follow My Nametags and Orchard Toys on Facebook and tell us your child’s favourite board or cards game. Good luck!


Whether it’s just for a day trip or a week’s holiday get your kids to have a go at packing from a young age. You may have to check it over (and possibly remove the 15 cuddly toys they’ve stuck in there!) but at least they will have had a go. I’ve found buying my children a backpack each that they like is half the battle.

Mi Pac Backpack - Blue Galaxy £22.98

Mi Pac Backpack – Blue Galaxy £22.98

Toddler Backpacks & Lunchbox – Princess £27.98

Toddler Backpacks & Lunchbox – Princess £27.98


Give the electronic devices a break and pack some board games or cards to while away the hours while waiting for trains or planes. Orchard Toys have just launched a collection of travel size games for £4.99 each which are sure to keep younger kids amused.

Orchard Toys mini games £4.99 each

Water bottle

I’ve often made the mistake of forgetting a water bottle or bringing one between four which doesn’t go down well! My top tip would be to get each child a really nice water bottle and hopefully they’ll remember to fill it and keep hydrated while they’re out and about.

Dino Family £12.99

Dino Family £12.99

Bee & Friends £12.99

Bee & Friends £12.99

Sunglasses & hats

Sunglasses and hats are a must wherever you go in the summer. Invest in a hat they really like and hopefully it will get worn. I love the ones with the flap are great for younger children and are perfect for swimming in too.

Baby & Children’s Sunglasses £6

Baby & Children’s Sunglasses £6

Quick Drying Flap Hats £12

Quick Drying Flap Hats £12

Colouring Books

Colouring books are the perfect entertainment for long journeys and have had somewhat of a revival in recent years. You can find colouring books to suit all ages and tastes (even adults!)

Anti -Boredom Colouring Book £5

Anti -Boredom Colouring Book £5

Travel Games Pad £5.99

Usborne Travel Games Pad £5.99


A good pair of headphones is essential for keeping the peace while kids play music or videos. My youngest loves her little pink headphones and they’re the first thing she packs when we travel.

Little Rockerz headphones £14.95

Little Rockerz headphones £14.95

Peppa pig headphones

Peppa Pig headphones £14.95


Needing to charge everyone’s devices all at once is part of modern family life. Or forgetting to bring one at all when you go away is also very annoying. We love this charger which is not only high powered and quick, it will allow you to charge up to 6 tablets and smartphones simultaneously.

Avantree Charging Station £19.99

Avantree Charging Station £19.99

Don’t forget to use My Nametags name stickers to label all your toys and equipment.

We Surveyed, You Responded!

At My Nametags we are constantly striving to better understand our customers. That’s why in April this year we decided to survey 2,000 adults in the UK investigating how many items people lost per year. Along with our research and thanks to your impressive feedback we found some pretty startling results, heard many humorous stories and even received the occasional commendation of when My Nametags had proven to be the saving grace for lost items being returned to their rightful owners!

Our data revealed that every month, the average person is expected to lose four items. “Keys,” “phones” and “pens” topped the list for the most commonly lost items by adults and “school books,” “jumpers” and “stationery” for children. Four lost items a month might not sound like much at first, but when you consider that over a lifetime you can expect to lose on average 3000 items then it becomes a much more worrying statistic.



lost keys

Children will lose around 1000 items throughout their school years alone and the most expensive item parent’s claim their child has lost was valued at “over £100 pounds!” On a lighter note somebody actually managed to lose “a highchair.” One wonders how that might happen… Other strange items included a “snorkel”, “fairy wings” and an actual “car in a car park!”

Another participant explained how their son’s beloved birthday present, a “Nintendo DS,” was lost while they were staying in a hotel on holiday. What’s more, his favourite game Mario Kart 7 happened to be inside the console! Having phoned the hotel persistently in the weeks that followed their departure, they were beginning to lose hope until one day 7 weeks later they received a call from a linen company revealing that the Nintendo had been discovered in a pile of sheets. She explained how it was a complete surprise and that without the aid of My Nametags labels and the honesty of the person involved the Nintendo would never have been recovered.

We are proud to hear these stories when people’s most treasured possessions go on journeys of their own into the abyss only later to be miraculously returned to their rightful owners thanks to the good nature of human beings. We encourage people to keep this momentum up by remembering to do one simple thing – nametag your most important possessions, whether that be anything from your “glasses,” “phone charger” or “camera” to your “child’s helmet,” “snorkel” or “angel halo.” Probably not your “grandmother’s teeth” though, we think they are just fine without a nametag…

To avoid losing items in the future, check out My Nametags products for all your labelling needs.

Summer 2016 family camping ideas

Outside is the biggest adventure playground a child could wish for – which is why camping is so exciting for kids of all ages. As a family we’ve had so much fun camping and being together in the great outdoors. Often simplicity is best. Here are our top picks of what to look for in campsite. Whether it’s for just for a couple of nights or a whole week visit to find your perfect spot.

In the Forest 

There’s simply nothing more enchanting than camping within the peace and quiet of a woodland setting. Kids will love exploring the forest. And parents will love escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Image of children playing in the forest

Hollands Wood, New Forest, Hampshire

With a play area

Having a play area on site is a great idea if you’re camping with younger children. Some sites have adventure playgrounds, trampolines or even outdoor chess and swimming pools. Perfect for keeping children entertained and also meeting other little campers.

Image of a childrens playground at a campsite

Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Beside the sea

Combine beach and camping by picking a campsite near the coast. Days can be spent on the beach and evenings looking out to sea.

Image of campsite by the sea

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Next to water

For pure relaxation and exhilaration for those into water sports what better than a campsite that is right next to water; be it a lake, loch or river. Great fun for older children (and adults who love mucking around on boats) for Swallows and Amazon style adventures.

Image of campsite by Loch Lomond

Cashel Campsite, Loch Lomond

Go Glamping!

If you haven’t got a tent or even if you have but want the luxury of not having to load up the car and put a tent up, then try glamping. Real beds, a relaxing sofa and proper cooking facilities are what you’ll get. Plus the great outdoors just on your doorstep…

Image of glamping

Ready Camp, all over the UK

And of course, don’t forget to label all your camping gear with My Nametags camp name labels.

Cool ways to coverup at the beach

A good beach coverup is worth its weight in gold when it comes to baring your body on the beach. Invest in a couple of pieces to throw on over your bikini or swimsuit and they will see you from the beach to lunch and then on to the bar for a sundowner. We’ve scoured the shops for our top picks of this summer’s beach coverups from simple sarongs and kaftans to more elaborate dresses and jumpsuits. Happy shopping!

The Sarong

A sarong is such a versatile piece to have in your holiday wardrobe. Wear around your waist to coverup at the beach bar, turn into a simple dress by tying around your neck or even use as a coverup from the sun.

Watercult Pareo Dress - Soft Peach £59

Watercult Pareo Dress – Soft Peach £59

The Kaftan

A kaftan is the perfect thing for layering over your bikini on the beach. Choose a kaftan that has a generous fit to keep you cool and comfortable when you’re in need of some coverage.

Sha Cha Pom Pom £85

Sha Cha Pom Pom £85

The Harem Pants

Harem pants are my new best friend! So flattering and easy to wear over your bikini or one-piece or even away travelling. Beautiful print and soft light fabric with flattering tapered legs.

Heidi Klein Hamibia Harem Pants £190

Heidi Klein Namibia Harem Pants £190

The Dress

Every woman needs a lightweight summer dress. This is the perfect white dress to show off your tan – a summer must have.

Rion Dress by PilyQ £159

Rion Dress by PilyQ £159

The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have become a summer wardrobe essential keeping you cool in the heat of the day and will look equally good in the evening.

Melissa Odabash 2

Katarina Dress in River £356

The Jump suit

A jumpsuit will add a modern touch to your holiday wardrobe and is the perfect way to take your daytime look to evening.

Seafolly Zone Beach Jumpsuit £83.00

Seafolly Zone Beach Jumpsuit £83

We do customised labels!

Whether you are a school or nursery looking for the smart and fast solution to lost property, or you create hand-made products and would love to label your awesome crafts with your very own logo, you happen to be in the right place.

Here at My Nametags we produce the highest quality name labels for both clothing and equipment!
Our Colour Stickers are suitable for literally every item, thanks to the unique combination of materials which makes them 100% washable and rub resistant. Ideal for all school & nursery stuff – even for the inside of the shoes! – but also great to apply on gift wraps to make your creations stand out of from the crowd, these super versatile labels are the answer to all your labelling needs.


We do offer a wide range of fun and colourful designs & backgrounds, but if you want to place an order with your very own logo you can do it too.
Just follow these few easy steps and get your customised labels ASAP.

  1. Choose the logo you want on your labels.
  2. Choose the size & shape of the labels you would like to receive.
  3. Choose the quantity you want to be produced.
  4. Email to get a quotation!

…And get the labels delivered to your door 🙂

Bertie with My Nametags envelope
Happy labelling!

The My Nametags Team