Ten of the Best One-Piece Swimsuits

We’ve searched high and low and found the best swimsuits on the market this summer. Go retro with florals or pastels. Bring the off-the-shoulder or the one-shoulder trend to the beach. Or opt for nautical stripes. or a block colour instead. Shop our edit of the best summer one-pieces.

Embrace Florals

Ditch the black. Florals are big news this summer. Zara has a gorgeous printed one-piece – £25.99 Floral Print Swimwear.Image of a floral swimsuit by Zara


Stripes & Nautical

If florals simply aren’t your thing then embrace the nautical trend instead. A classic one-piece is just perfect for lounging around the pool. Seafolly Castaway Bandeau Swimsuit in Indigo £120 John Lewis.Image of a seafolly indigo swimsuit


Bring the off-the-shoulder trend to the beach with this gorgeous floral swimsuit from H&M…it’s almost too pretty to go in the pool. Off-the-shoulder swimsuit £19.99

Image of an off the shoulder swimsuit

The One Shoulder

This swimsuit is bang on trend with the one-shoulder look…navy looks great with a tan but it comes in black as well as four other colours. Violet Lake, Caruso £150violet lake off the shoulder


Swimsuits with a lace-up feature are on trend this summer. M&S has a gorgeous print swimsuit plus hidden control fabric too. Secret Slimming™ Printed Lace-up Swimsuit in Mint Mix £39.50Image of M&S lace up swimsuit

Pretty in Pink!

Pink is this season’s must-have colour. We just love just hot pink swimsuit which will add some colour to wardrobe. Seaspray Just Colour Plunge Halter Swimsuit in lipstick pink £75 from Simply Beach.

Seaspray swimsuit in pink

Jungle Safari

Look for wild fabrics – tropical florals and animal prints – from earthy neutrals to lush greens. Figleaves has a great selection including this Maryan Mehlhorn Rainforest One Piece – Caribbean £189

Image of a rainforest inspired swimsuit

The White Swimsuit

If you dare, a white swimsuit will show off your tan to perfection. Elegantly classic this Melissa Odabash number is designed to flatter. Phuket Halterneck Swimsuit White £200.00. Comes in indigo, dusty rose and black too.

Melissa Odabash swimsuit in white

Body Perfect

Many swimsuits have ‘secret support’ to flatter your figure. Heidi Klein has just launched ‘Body’ a range of swimwear to give you the sleekest of silhouettes this summer. Body Cornflower Blue D-G Wrap One Piece £240.00

Heidi Klein swimsuit2-for-1 Reversible

Reversible swimsuits are very versatile (less packing too!). Seafolly has a fantastic reversible swimsuit in vintage floral print one side and a soft candy stripe on the reverse. Seafolly Vintage Wildflower Reversible V Maillot Swimsuit – Iceberg £98 from Cocobay.

reversible swimsuitreversible swimsuit

The Best Travel Toys for Kids

Travelling with children can stressful with children especially if it involves long waits at airports or lengthy car journeys. As a mum of four I have found that with a bit of planning you can have a stress-free journey…well almost! All my children from a very early age had their own backpacks into which I would pop a variety of things to keep them entertained and they too would bring a few of their favourite toys.

Most of these items do not involve any kind of technology or power as some of the best ways of keeping children entertained are often the most simple.

Travel Mobile

This lightweight, portable mobile is a must for babies who travel. The VTech Pack n Go Travel Mobile easily attaches to most cots, playpens, prams and baby carriers. The light-up button plays lullabies and melodies and has a multi-colour night-light to soothe your little one when away from home. Set the timer and it will automatically switch off. Suitable from birth £24.99.

MNT - Travel mobile


Keep toddlers entertained with the added bonus of no mess with this portable Tomy Aquadraw Travel Drawing Bag. Simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with water and see your designs magically appear. Once the water dries the drawings fade away so you’re ready to start again. Suitable from 18 months. £13.05.Image of Aquadoodle travel set

Books with added extras

Small children love being read to. Thomas is a favourite and this new book also has 10 magnetic characters to create adventures of your own with Thomas, James, Percy, Harold and all their friends. Thomas & Friends Magnetic Children’s Book £6.99. Babies and toddlers love pressing buttons and The Tiddler Sound Children’s Book £14.99 will bring the story to life.

Thomas book

Tiddler sound book

Travel Train Set

My kids love a train set and this new travel version from Brio comes with a special carry-along case. Chunky plastic connector pieces help kids guide the train onto the tracks, and the train car polarity swivels so that the cars can be easily attached in any direction. My First Take Along Set £29.99. Brio Travel set

Creations on-the-move!

Playdoh is always a winner in my book. This Play-Doh Activity Backpack is perfect for having fun on the move. Includes coloured doughs, tools, pens and a colouring book £6.99. Or try Playfoam – a lightweight modelling foam that never dries out. The Playfoam Go! set in a plastic carrying case includes 8 colours of PlayFoam, each kept neat and tidy in its own unique compartment £12.

playdoh set


Activity Cards

These brilliant cards from Usborne are a must for kids on any journey. 50 wipe-clean cards with 100 simple activities to keep young children occupied including games, puzzles and quizzes using everyday objects found inside the vehicle or seen out the window. Plus a special pen to write on the cards. 100 things for little children to do on a journey £6.99.

Usbourne cards

Playmobil Travel Sets

My kids love Playmobil and we’ve found these travel sets to be particularly good for entertaining them on journeys but will also provide hours of fun at your holiday destination. Playmobil City Action Take Along Hospital Playset £24.99.


Educational Packs

Add an educational twist to your travel toys with this portable pack which teaches children all about letters. There are ones on numbers and shapes too. Age 5+ Fundels Play & Learn Writing Letters £9.99.

Play and learn


Playing a game of cards whiles away hours while travelling and is fantastic fun when you get there too. As a family we love UNO. It’s easy to play, fast paced and quite addictive too. For 2-10 players £6.99.


Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a must on any journey. There are hundreds of sets to choose from to suit all tastes from Paw Patrol to Star Wars, Harry Potter and Football. Top Trumps £4.99.

Top Trumps


Banangrams is the perfect travel game as it requires no pencil, paper or board. All you need is a flat surface. Great for family fun and helps with vocab and spelling too. Age 7+ Bananagrams £14.98.


Sticker Books

Sticker books are just perfect for entertaining kids almost anywhere. Peppa’s Dress-up sticker book  £5.99 is perfect younger children. While older ones would love this fantastic Big Dinosaur Sticker book £6.99

Peppa Pig sticker book

Dinosaur sticker book

Meet Our New Baby Animals – win a free set!

We’ve been busy this summer at My Nametags HQ designing some super cute baby animal designs. To celebrate we are giving away a free set to one lucky My Nametags newsletter reader. See below for more information.

There are 38 new designs, all as cute as each other, from tigers and elephants to owls and puppy dogs. Which one will you choose? To give you a taster, we introduce some of our favourite baby animals with some amazing animal facts.

Will you choose a baby elephant? Did you know that when baby elephants are born they are covered in black fur? They can walk and follow the herd after just half an hour of being born!


Lion cubs start walking at 10-15 days old. The female lionesses teach their young to hunt as they do the majority of the hunting for the entire pride.


Did you know that there are three species of zebra: Grevy’s, mountain and plains. Plains are the most common. Baby zebras are called foals and they can run with the herd within a few hours of birth.3

Baby dolphins are called a calf. As soon as the calf is born, the mother must quickly take it to the surface so it can take its first breath. The calf will stay with its mother until it is between 3 and 8 years old.


Cats and humans have been associated for nearly 10000 years and there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world. Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day!


The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family. Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers like water. They are good swimmers and often cool off in pools or streams.
Image pf a cute tiger icon


COMPETITION TIME – win a free set! 


Please note that this competition has now closed.

How to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time


Amanda gets asked all the time “How much screen time is healthy for kids?” If you use the following as a rough guide for age appropriate screen time you won’t be going far wrong, says Amanda.

3-7-year-olds – half an hour to an hour a day

7-12-year-olds – 1 hour a day

12-15-year-olds – 1 and a half hours a day

16+ 2 hours a day

Amanda shares her top tips on managing screen time and usage with My Nametags’ newsletter readers.

label preview

Once you’ve established and agreed with your child how much screen time they are allowed, try and stick to it.  Children are creatures of habit and love a routine. Parents and children love the TimeTokens Promise Contract for that very reason! Let them choose when to use their tokens e.g. 30 minutes after school or weekends only. “I’ve been using TimeTokens with Harry (now 9) for 2.5 years – it’s just part of our routine and so simple we don’t even think about it,” says Amanda. 


If your child keeps to the rules, reward them.  No arguments and no complaining deserves a treat, right?  “TimeTokens uses a Golden Ticket which works really well as a carrot to keep them on track.  If they stick to the Promise Contract they get to trade in the Golden Ticket at the weekend for a well-earned treat … but not more screentime!” Described as a ‘Genius Idea’ by Kirstie Allsopp. Find out more at TimeTokens.


Do talk to your child about internet safety. Get free and practical advice about keeping your kids safe online at Internet Matters. By keeping devices in a family space you can easily monitor what your child is viewing, says Amanda. Do talk to your child about what they like playing during their screen time usage. “Find out what their favourite app is? What do their friends play/look at?” as this way you will be tuned into what they are doing on their screens.


There is no natural stopping device for children today, with access to 24 hours non-stop entertainment.  “Try to create your own stopping device. It will make your life easier, you then lay the ground rules with your child,” says Amanda. Try to make sure your child takes regular breaks in their screentime sessions and keeps a good posture.


Avoid using screens during mealtimes as this should be time to chat about your day. Children’s brains need time to switch off so turn screens off at least 60 minutes before bedtime and keep bedrooms as screen-free zones.


And finally, children model their behaviour on what they see around them so be mindful about your own digital habits – like checking your phone at the dinner table!

If you’re interested in unplugging for a day join in on the UK National Unplugging Day on Sunday 25 June. It’s a day of celebration and fun. A day to break free from technology to re-connect with yourself and those you love.

Top 7 Dresses to Rock Summer 2017

A dress is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe from daytime and work wear to parties and weddings. We give you the lowdown on the 7 key 2017 Summer fashion trends that will most influence your wardrobe choices this year from the cold shoulder to full on florals, stripes and ruffles.


Rainbow colours are in. Think bright blue, sunny yellow, grass green, purple and pink…The choice is yours as long as it’s bright. Don’t be afraid to clash those brights either. Zara Frilled Lace Dress £39.99.Zara frilled lace dress


Like it or not pink is one of the hottest trends this season. Anything goes from the palest blush to searing hot fuchsia. Take your pick. This  summer dress from Hush works the clashing colour trend too. Hush Grecian dress £45.Image of Hush pink dress



White is your elegant go to shade for summer. We love this perfect midi length dress with lace detail from Aspiga. Henley Cotton Silk Dress £140.Aspiga Henley cotton dress


Ruffles are here to stay. Ruffle elegantly with this gorgeous green maxi dress. If you’d rather just add a touch here and there rest assured there will be plenty of blouses and skirts with ruffles on a high street near you. Karen Millen Ruffle and lace-up maxi dress £450.Karen Millen ruffle dress


Exposed shoulders are a big theme this season. We love the length and casual style of this number from Anthropologie. Avenia Open-Shoulder Maxi Dress £158.Image of Anthropologie dress


Head-to-toe prints are everywhere this summer. Full on florals are without a doubt a must. Summer Fiesta print dress £79 from & Other stories.

Stories fiesta print


If you can’t do florals then statement stripes could be your thing. Although not strictly a dress we think this jumpsuit ticks all the style boxes. H&M Strapless Jumpsuit £39.99.HM stripe



New Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Labels


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home aims to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help, caring for them until their owners or loving new homes can be found, no matter how long it takes. They are champions for, and supporters of, vulnerable dogs and cats, determined to create lasting changes for animals in our society. They’ve cared for over 3.1 million dogs and cats since being founded in 1860.

bd&ch_logo_001 - EDITED

At My NameTags we think there’s an animal for everyone, and the same goes for our name labels. That’s why we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Battersea to produce an exclusive range of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home themed labels. There are twelve unique designs to choose from that include illustrations and images of real Battersea dogs and cats. And as if that wasn’t enough, royalties from the sale of the labels will go towards supporting the work of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.


Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Fact File:

⦁ Battersea Dogs & Cats Home was established in 1860 and in over 156 years since then they have taken care of more than three million animals.
⦁ They now care for over 7,000 animals every year.
⦁ Their core mission is to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help.
⦁ There over 400 members of staff and 1200 volunteers who work across Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s three sites.

Find out more about Battersea.

Click here to order your set of nametags today!




Competition time!

Our Battersea labels competition has now closed and we are delighted to announce Archana Kapila as our winner. Thank you to all those who entered, please keep an eye on our future emails for more competitions and give-aways!

Adam’s Epic Adventure – The Great Escape!

This time last week I had a close call when I was attacked by a wild dog! Luckily I managed to wriggle to safety and escape the dog’s slobbery mouth. As I heard him panting behind me, I hastily climbed up a rock and ran as fast as I could to safety.


I got higher up the edge of the cliff looking back anxiously at regular intervals and praying that I had lost the black beast!


Eventually the coast seemed to be clear. So I decided to rest for a moment in this big cave. As my breathing caught up with me, I listened intensely for footsteps…


I cupped my ear and angled it carefully into the distance. The blustery wind howled eerily and drowned out the noise of any looming danger. I sighed with relief during the occasional intervals of silence as the wind retreated. I felt reassured that the threat of any lurking monsters had diminished.


After some hesitation I plucked up the courage to leave the safety of the cave. I knew that in order to survive the night I needed to find somewhere less windy on the other side of the cliff.


I took a minute to nurse my wounds on a nearby rock. Look at those bumps and bruises!


Traipsing through woodland I stumbled across a wishing tree. Having not had much luck recently, I considered it a good idea to take a moment to perk on the branch and make a wish. I can’t tell you what I wished for I’m afraid because then it won’t come true, but you’ll find out, sooner or later…


At last, I had made it to the other side of the cliff, where the weather was calmer, the sun shone brighter and the safety of shelter awaited. I had experienced a pretty hectic couple of days but it was a blessed relief to be able to finally gather some firewood and settle down for the night.

They say that travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller, I’m starting to see the truth in that…




Spring 2017 Gift Guide:

Winter is finally over and spring is upon us! The new season is the perfect excuse to buy some new gear. Check out our guide below for all the essential items…


We’re optimistic that spring will bring plenty of sunshine so a new pair of sunglasses are definitely in order. Check out these trendy Ray Bans for kids. For adults, Meller’s range offers style at great value.

Meller Sunglassexzs


Even if it is a sunny spring, the occasional shower is unavoidable. Thankfully, this chic umbrella by Lulu Guinness should keep you both dry and fashionable. The kids will love this ladybird umbrellaFulton offer a classic, classy range for men.

Umbrellaladybird umbrellaUmbrella 2


With the garden in full bloom, it’s time to get back outside and find your green fingers again. This delightful floral tool set is perfect for clearing weeds, trimming back the bushes or making room for new plants. Now there’s no excuse. Get your little ones involved with this children’s tool set from Spotty Green Frog.Kid's tools



The garden isn’t the only place that needs attention. Inside, the time has come for the annual spring clean. Fortunately, Dyson’s powerful cordless vacuum cleaner will make light work of it. It can be converted between the full sized vacuum and a handheld cleaning device.



After the arrival of spring, the clocks go back an hour on 26th March. Why not treat yourself and celebrate the occasion with a new watch? Check out this great option from Daniel Wellington for menOlivia Burton’s big dial watch for women offers luxury at an affordable price. Investing in this floral children’s watch from Swatch is the perfect way to help your kids to learn the time.
Men's watchSwatchLadies watch


Last but certainly not least, make sure you don’t lose any of your new kit by investing in the real must-have spring item… My Nametags labels. Order them here.


Adam’s Epic Adventure – Man’s best friend not so friendly


Okay, so after that close call last week where I nearly got abducted by a human being, I’m glad to tell you that I’m back out in the wilderness, free to explore and not having to play dead all the time around people. It’s just the way I like it!


You might be wondering how I got here… Well it was a bit of a paddle to be fair, but after a few hours floating on this boat, I arrived safe and sound, if a little bit damp.


I decided to climb a tree since I am a bear after all. My friend Grizzly who has a bit of a bad temper once told me that the best way to climb a tree is by putting one paw in front of the other. So without further adieu, I climbed and climbed and climbed.


I got so high up that my legs started to tremble with fear. I realised I wasn’t as strong as my friend Grizzly. I wasn’t used to this type of climbing and so with the story of Humpty Dumpty firmly imprinted in my mind, I decided to head back down cautiously.


After a long walk on the beach, I decided to relax in the soft sand. Just as I was beginning to admire the view I heard footsteps coming from behind me. They got increasingly louder and this time, it didn’t sound like a concerned passer-by. This was something far more deadly approaching…


All of a sudden… Boom! I had been savaged by a wild dog! He picked me up and shook me around. The humans stood around, laughing and pointing. I couldn’t work out what was funny. I was covered in gross dog slime and I struggled to wriggle out of the dog’s mouth desperately.


Eventually the dog put me down and howled with pride. It was a lucky escape and I got away with nothing more than smelling of dog. It was time for a dip in the ocean to freshen up and find some shelter for the night.


They say that sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination… So far I’ve learned to stay clear from beaches with dogs!

Adam’s Epic Adventure – A close encounter…


Remember last week when I was getting drenched by a tropical storm outside the Sydney Opera House? Well I’m back and this time a little dryer! I was getting used to wearing my poncho but thankfully I can now be back in my natural cuddly state.


I went for a walk along this wall. As I stopped to admire the view, a passer-by noticed my nametag shining brightly. As the man approached I could see the concern on his face gradually increase. He picked me up and held me tightly in his hand. He looked around to see if anyone standing nearby might own me. Gazing me up and down he searched for more clues. My heart was beating faster and faster. I didn’t want to be abducted because I was enjoying my holiday so much! He slowly drew me closer to his face. I looked him directly in the eyes, praying he wouldn’t steal me. As he paused for what seemed like eternity I saw a glint of discontent in his eyes. He couldn’t figure out a way to reunite me with my owner and so failing to establish a solution, he popped me back on the wall and slowly walked away, turning his head towards me every so often as he drifted into the distance.  I sighed with relief. “Few! That was a close one…”


Little did he know my name was in fact Adam, not my owner. I’m not like your average teddy bear you see. I’m on my own journey, exploring every nook and cranny of the globe in an effort to enrich my experiences and feedback some epic stories to you awesome guys. I’m sure one day I’ll reunite myself with my owner, but for now the journey of discovery must go on.


This park seems like a safe place for me to call home this week. It has my favourite type of trees and comfy green grass. So long as it doesn’t start raining again… Next week I’ll be heading somewhere far far away. Stay tuned to see my progress, I wonder what’s around the next corner?… Until next week folks…